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Ways To Properly Clean Your Home


There are a handful of people who like cleaning chores. Most people do it to simply keep their homes clean. That’s why people prefer to hire professionals for the job by searching for “cleaning services near me”. Let’s check out how you can clean more efficiently and properly and save yourself some time and labor:

The Details

  1. Establish a system – Cleaning properly and efficiently always starts with an efficient system. That means you need to establish a routine to clean your home the same way every time. Work one room at a time, start and finish the same spots in the same order and optimize the routine as best as you can to save more time.

Consistency is key when it comes to establishing an efficient cleaning system. For the first couple of weeks, it’s all about trial and error. With each day, you can reduce unnecessary back and forth on the same cleaning spots and figure out the best way to clean each room. You train yourself and your body to almost automate the process and reduce cleaning time.

  1. Clean from the top to bottom and from left to right – When people start cleaning the room, they usually start with whatever’s in front of them. However, that’s an inefficient method. They start with the side table or coffee table and then clean the blinds to see all the dust fall back to the table and start wiping again.

Instead, the right cleaning approach is always starting from the top of the room and slowly making your way to the floor to reduce redundant tasks. That means you clean the ceiling fan, top of closets, and shelves and make your way down to the furniture and then clean the floor. Similarly, it’s best to clean the room from left to right.

  1. Arms yourself with the right tools – While cleaning your home, you need to keep all the cleaning products and tools at close reach so that you don’t have to make several trips to the supply cabinet. This can be very difficult when you have several supplies and tools for different tasks. That’s why it’s best to get a cleaning apron or a tool belt. They have enough storage for most of your tools and supplies so that you can quickly reach for whatever you need.

If you don’t like the idea of investing in specialized storage belts and aprons, you can just get a cheap small bucket and carry all the tools and supplies as you move around. It isn’t as convenient and hassle-free as the tool belt but gets the job done.

  1. Use a squeegee for the windows – There are countless articles about how paper towels get you a streak-free and squeaky-clean window. However, they can never compare to a professional-grade window squeegee. A squeegee has great traction against the window and gets rid of all dirt and grime in record time with minimal effort.

All you need to do is mix a couple of drops of cleaning liquid or dish soap in a gallon of water and wipe it generously on your windows with a rag. After that use the squeegee to clean everything without leaving marks or streaks. As mentioned above, go from top to bottom and left to right with the squeegee for best results.

  1. Stop problems before they get big – You need a proactive approach to keep your home clean and save yourself some precious time, money, and labor. That means you need to stop problems before they turn into a big problem. For instance, you can use a shower cleaner liquid to get rid of scum and grime buildup in the bathroom. Just spray it on and go tend to other tasks. The next time you get to the bath, wash it away by spraying water. Similarly, you can rub some shower cleaner on the showerhead after you take a shower. 
  1. Dust without spraying – Dusting is an easy chore. If there is heavy buildup, you need to loosen it and vacuum it all up. On the other hand, for light dust buildup, you can usually use a rag attached to a wand. Wrong! Instead, you need a high-quality feather duster for this chore to prevent redundancy.

When you use a rag to dust your furniture and other surfaces you spread the dust more than you absorb with the rag. This just increases your workload. Instead, you need a high-quality and fluffy feather duster that has plenty of exposed soft surfaces to absorb a lot of dust. If you don’t get a high-quality feather duster, the quilts would break off and fall easily and would increase your work. Fortunately, high-quality feather dusters start from just around $10.

  1. Have the proper approach for kitchen grease – When you’re in the kitchen, grease inevitably builds up on the stovetop, under it, and right next to it. Instead of regular dish soap, use a cleaning agent with orange oil to effectively get rid of kitchen grease. You can also buy a kitchen degreasing liquid. These cleaning agents are specialized to cut through grease on stove tops and cabinets and dish soap cuts through grease on dishes.

However, some of these cleaning agents may not be suitable for your kitchen and chip away or tarnish the finish on your cabinets. To prevent that, mix the cleaning agent with a gallon of warm water and apply it in an inconspicuous place in the kitchen. If the finish doesn’t get tarnished, chipped, or discolored you can safely use that cleaning agent. If you find tough and hardened greasy spots, add baking soda with the cleaning liquid and let that paste rest on the tough spots to soften up the grease.


Cleaning is a tiresome chore if you make it out to be one. With the right approach, cleaning can be done efficiently and quickly without feeling exhausted. If you still feel cleaning is a tiresome activity you can hire professionals to clean your home by searching for “cleaning services near me”.

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