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Landscaping Palm Plants That Will Make Your Compound Look Divine

With plant lovers, more is always better. You find one plant today, and tomorrow you get another one only because it looked amazing. But now imagine that you have filled all the spots in your house except the outdoors. Undoubtedly, the next place will be working on the exteriors of your home.

Wondering where to begin? Start with the palm plants we will highlight below.

Foxtail palm: Wodyetia bifurcata

This flora is a majestic plant that grows approximately 10 meters high. Its foliage is a beautifully laid structure that makes amazing borderlines. They are straightforward to grow, and maintenance is low. They are the kind you set up, water while they are young, prune once in a while, and they grow gracefully. Lucky you, you can get foxtail palm for sale from several vendors here in Australia.

Golden Cane Palm: Dypsis lutescens

If you want your compound to have that coastal feeling, then more palm plants are what you need. The Golden Cane palm is one you should get either in the pots or transplanted inside the ground. The best thing about this crop is that it is highly adaptable in multiple weather conditions. They thrive as long as they get their daily dose of full sunlight. They grow to about 5m when restricted to a pot and longer if allowed to grow wild. And guess what, they look great too indoors!

The orange Crownshaft Palm: Areca Vestiaria

This palm has a stunning arrangement of its leaves attached to a bright orange shaft that steals the show. This plant produces luscious green foliage that resembles the feather’s shape. Because of the shape of their leaves, they do require some space to grow beautifully. When let to expand on the ground, they can reach 4 meters. They can do well under direct sun, but they do best with partial shade. That said, you can opt to place them under tall trees or at the corner of your balcony for that tropical beach feel.

The Flamethrower: Chabeyronia macrocarpa

No, it does not throw flames, but it was named so because of its distinctive reddish-brown leave blades that last for only ten days at a time. This stunning palm tree grows to approximately six meters on maturity, and it will be a versatile piece to add right at the entrance of your garden.

The mission Beach Fan Palm: Licuala Ramsayi

This palm plant is an Australian native with distinctive and attractive circular leaf blades that elevate any outdoor. These plants are very gentle flora that gets scorched under the direct hot sun, and that is why you must grow them under partial or complete shade. When fully grown, the leaves are 2m in diameter.

Take away

Once you become a plant parent, just know that you will forever live to buy plants. The five kinds of palms trees we have highlighted are somewhere to start. But never leave behind the succulents, and the flowering plants, also hanging plants, they too add a very spectacular aspect on landscapes.

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