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Choosing the Right Washer Based on your Situation

If you want to invest in a new washing machine, there are more things to keep in mind than how well the machine cleans. First, you must think about the kind of machine you want. Your choices include a traditional top loader, a front loader, and a top loader without an agitator. Also, you must consider your budget and the special cleaning features that are most important to you. Choosing a washer depends on the following situations:

If You Only Have a Laundry Corner

A full-sized washer can be 24 inches to 30 inches wide. Get your tape measure and take down notes of the available space’s dimensions. Also, check to ensure the machine will fit through the doorways and hallways on the way into the room. Take into account other limiting factors like a washer door that will bang into the wall whenever you open it. If you have a narrow space, choose a front loader that stacks with the dryer. Check out options at

If you Have Lots of Laundries to Do

You must pay close attention to the dimension of the tub that can range from around 2.45 cubic feet to 5.6 cubic feet. A top-loader or front-loader has the biggest capacity without the central agitator. Also, take into consideration features such as programmable settings or a pedestal that will save your back from lots of stooping.

If You Have a Tight Budget

Even if you have a small budget, you don’t have to compromise on the performance of the machine. Choosing a white model can help you save $100 to $200. Conventional no-frill top loaders are the most affordable; however, they consume more energy to run. The Energy Guide estimates on the machine can help you factor in the energy costs over the machine’s life.

If you Don’t Want to Waste Electricity and Water

A front-loading machine uses less water than a conventional top loader that needs to fill up entirely for the wash and rinse cycles. An Energy Star model reduces electricity and water use by 20 percent and 50 percent respectively over non-rated units. Check also the Energy Guide labels to compare models.

If you Have to Regularly Deal with Tough Stains

A front loader can offer better cleaning results than a top loader. Find a washer that has a special stain-remover or presoaking cycle or a steam feature. Tough stains can be better removed through a cool temperature setting that mixes in hot water with the cold by helping powdered detergent dissolve completely.

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