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I Love My Yard

When you have a big lawn, you want to have the right tools to take care of it while also taking a lot of the work out of it. It can be hard to do all of that lawn maintenance, but it is definitely worth it after seeing how gorgeous the grass looks once it’s freshly mowed and a bold green. Sure, you might have to dedicate a whole day to the yard work to make it look nice, but the pride that I have after doing all of that work makes it worth it.

First, you have to rake up all of the leaves. I will take the rake out of the garage and go over the lawn. This might take a while depending on the time of year, but sometimes the job can be done easily if it’s late Spring/early Summer and a storm hasn’t come through yet. But if a storm has come through and it happens to be fall, this part of the job can take up to 2 hours. After the leaves are all raked up, I can move on to the next step which is to pick up the leaves, place them in bags or get ready to burn them, again this depends on the time of year. That doesn’t take very long though, only another 30 minutes at most.

Now we put the rake back and take out the brush cutters and the trimmers. These will help shape up the bushes, remove weeds, and cut the grass is hard to reach places. This gets done with the lawn every week, not much can build up a week but it is still important to take your time so that everything gets done and it looks nice. The trimmers will be used around the pathway from the driveway to the house porch, the brush cutters will shape up the bushes in front of the house so that they don’t block the windows. About an hour will pass, and then I’ll put those back.

Now it’s time for the mowing part. Luckily, this is the easiest part of the job with the help of my cub cadet mower. This mower has helped tremendously when out doing work on the lawn. With a regular push mower, you are gonna lose all of your energy and you are gonna be tired before half of your lawn is even cut and mowed. With regular riding mowers, you are going to run out of gas, or the vibrations are going to mess with your concentration and you will lose your line. But with the cub cadet mower, you don’t have to worry about any of that. I personally love it and recommend it to anyone looking for an easy mower.

Once the mowing has been done, I’ll put it back into the garage to keep it safe from the outside elements. Next I will bring out the hose and water the freshly mowed grass. This might make it grow again, but if it hasn’t rained in a while, it is a necessary step for me. Watering the lawn will keep the grass green and soft, which will make it look nice compared to all of the other lawns on the block.

After watering the lawn lightly, I can put up the hose and I will be finished with my day of work. Now, I get to sit back and watch all of that hard work pay off. This is the moment everyone lives for after a day like that.

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