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Starting Your Travel Adventure Business

You’re working for a small tech company based in Riverton, Utah, specializing in developing an e-commerce platform, navigation apps, and a host of other business-to-business applications. With a variety of clients ranging from roofing service companies specializing in snow removal to travel and tour operators, you’ve done a lot of traveling. That’s part of the things you love about your job.

Your family owns a cabin just outside of Ogden, and you want to invite people to come for a weekend and give them a tour of the area, which includes adventure activities and sports. People appreciate your hospitality. But they appreciate your knowledge of the area and the kind of activities that they need to do. They said that you could maybe start an adventure travel business. You’ve been giving it some thought and are now seriously thinking about what it would take to start such a company. Here are some things to consider:

Industry Outlook

The adventure tourism business is surging globally, with a market value of $586.3 billion in 2018. It is anticipated to remain a juggernaut industry with forecasted revenues nearing $1,650 billion by 2026.

This growth can be partly attributed to the decreasing cost of air travel, and the shifting preference of customers from the traditional sightseeing tours to one laced with adventure.

Getting It Done

The reason why you were probably encouraged by your friends to do this business is that they felt genuine energy from you when they were touring. Experts advise that you need to maintain that energy and that passion for sustaining the flow of customers. Nothing can be more important than your passion as you explain how fast you will go down the slopes at Alta. Or the history of a favorite café by locals. They hang on to your every word. They are engaged. Passion is vital, but you need to pay equal attention to the following:

  1. It’s business. So, treat it like such. You need to do your homework and cover all your basis. Draw up a business plan and outline your vision, value proposition, competition, and your financials. Part of this process is the need to learn to be the travel operator as opposed to being the traveler. From here, you can set your expectations and create your offerings for your customers.
  2. Be the expert. Know your adventure tours backward and forwards and left to right. The only way to know it is that if you try it out yourself. People will ask you questions. Your experience will be the basis of your answer and theirs, the validation of yours. Save on the blog section of your website description of your tours and anecdotes from your customers.
  3. Be ready to diversify. Finding your niche is ok, but you need to rely on both new customers as well as returning customers to sustain the growth of your business. Gradually diversify your offerings of adventure. Make sure you get feedback from customers about what excites them or what they would like to do in the future.
  4. Maximize your digital footprint. Create a stunning website filled with tour descriptions and meaningful content. Make social media your platform to advertise your services. Some of these can be done for free, and some would cost money. But in today’s digital age, and the demographics of adventure travelers, your investment would be worth it.

You need to know about insuring your business. You need to understand how you could grow your team. There are still a few things on the list. But these core ideas will kick-start your way to the travel adventure business.

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