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Pattaya Property; A Guide to Procuring the Best Rental Property 

Getting the ideal apartment to rent in Thailand can be such a task at times. You may have to move from one area, suburb, or even one city to another. However, procuring the services of experts can save you much time and energy, especially if you intend to rent any Pattaya property. You can get the best deals by getting to choose from a variety of properties that are available.

It is a delight to get a house that suits your needs. For a house to qualify to be the ideal one for you, you must examine several things. Find out about some crucial issues concerning the house before settling for it. Some of the things you may want to find out include:

Know About the People Living Next to You

It is crucial to know the kind of neighbors you will be living with. Try to ask your property owner or even your agent. They may not have all the information you require. Nevertheless, they may have some scanty information, which you can piece together and come up with your conclusion.

Some of the information you may want to know about them may include:

  • Are they noisy or quiet?
  • Are they families, young people, or elderly?
  • Do they keep pets, and if so, which ones?
  • Have they had trouble with past tenants?

This information will help you to decide whether they are compatible with your lifestyle or not.

Seek to Know What is Included

Avoid getting satisfied with what you see in the viewing. Seek to know what is in the house you are renting, whether it is furnished or otherwise. This information will help you to decide on what to bring along with you. At times, what you see may not even belong to the house.

Some of the household items you may want to know about include fridges, furniture, washing machines, and shower curtains, among others. At times, you may find that you already have an item in the house, let the property owner tell you if you can replace it with yours. Do not just throw out any item that you find without consulting.

Understand the Shared and Individual Responsibilities

In rented apartments, for example, there are some common areas that are shared by everyone living there. They could be corridors, lobbies, stairways, or even washrooms that are mostly in the lobby area. Mostly, these are some of the sensitive hygiene areas that, if neglected, could lead to a series of contaminations.

Therefore, before you decide to rent any property, seek to know who will be responsible for what duties. With this, you know the most appropriate person to question if a particular task that concerns your wellbeing is neglected.

If the rented property has a lawn, know who is responsible for taking care of it. If it is you, then that is an added cost to your monthly budget. The same applies to other things in the compound, such as flowerbeds.

Find Out How the Area Is at Night

Security is a very critical factor to consider. It is essential to find out if the compound and the surrounding area is well lit at night. Also, ask about the safety of walking around at night. And whether you’d feel safe walking around alone. Also, find out if there are clubs and bars close by. If so, there is a possibility that they could be causing noise nuisance at night.

Another critical factor to consider is the availability of public transport during the night. Also, check the operating hours of the transport system. Find out if there are other alternatives like cabs and taxis and how much they charge, especially at night.

Find Out if Decoration is Allowed

Decoration is a crucial checkpoint when looking for a rental apartment, house, or condo. You cannot assume it and go on putting up decors in your rented room. Such an act is likely to cost you some penalties from the property owner. In most cases, tenants are not allowed to change the initial décor, put up shelves, or even paint the walls.

Therefore, always ask before you move in. If they do not allow personal decors, ask for alternatives. For instance, if they can allow wallpaper hangings since they do not use nails and thus no damage to the walls.

Check the Heating and Water Systems

A good rental apartment should ensure that tenants are amply supplied with hot water every day. A combi boiler is the most preferred since it provides hot water on tap. A standard boiler is good as well, though, you must set it so that it can heat your water daily.

Sometimes, boilers may break down or fail. Seek to know if they have a backup system for such scenarios. Also, check if they have a 24/7 emergency response in case of any abrupt emergencies.

Know all the Costs Involved

You, most likely, already know the amount of rent you will be paying. However, rent may not include the only cost you will occur. You will need to know how much deposit you will be required to pay. You may also need to know whether other bills such as water and electricity are included in the rent. Knowing about these costs will help you decide whether you can afford it or not.

 Ensure that your tenancy agreement states clearly whether you or the property owner is responsible for paying gas or electricity. However, you can still opt to shop around for your best deals from other service providers other than those of the property owner.

Consider the Available Transport Options

If you have your personal car, you will need to enquire about parking. The chances are that the property owner will provide you with packing. In case there is no parking, it would mean you get a council permit. Such a permit will come as an added cost to you.

If the property owner provides parking, you may also need to know how many other people use it. Also, seek to know whether there are any conditions attached to the parking.

If you are using public transport, you may want to find out how far away you need to walk to catch it. It is also crucial to inquire whether it is regular or not.

In conclusion, it is possible to get a house that fits your needs. Consider enlisting the services of companies such as Cornerstone to save time and energy.

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