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Tips for Making Your Business Accessible to Handicapped

Employers and business managers are continually realizing the benefits of a diverse workforce. You will find that most workplaces have several disabled people, and it is up to you as a business owner or the employer to ensure that they are all well-accommodated. You should also do all you can to make your business accessible to handicapped shoppers. This will help you improve your business reputation and also enhance brand loyalty.

How do you make your business accessible to the handicapped? Here are a few guiding tips for you.

Incorporate automatic doors

Making a good business impression depends on how easily your customers can navigate around the business. You should ensure that they can quickly enter and exit the premises. It will not do you any good if you have a raised entrance, as that will only give them a hard time trying to get in. The resolution will most probably be to look for a place with better access, and that is how you end up losing customers. You can invest in a ramp to make it more accessible. Also, make the door automatics as it can be stressful for them to reach the lock.

Created designated areas for wheelchair users

Work on creating more space for navigation inside the facility. Clear the aisles to avoid overcrowding as that will make the handicapped feel left out. It will make them feel like the shopping space is only meant for specific customers other than having everyone in mind. For example, you can clear the dining tables and display cases, and this way, they will feel that you value and care about them.

Make the washrooms accessible

Restrooms are the most overlooked part of business facilities. Most business owners do not realize how much impact accessible washrooms can make in determining the impression people will get once they set their feet on your premises. You should invest in designated restrooms and watch just how much the idea will help you grow. This will not only help you create an excellent impression of the business to the handicapped but even to the rest of the visitors as it will make them feel that you value and appreciate all your customers.  Do not forget to incorporate wooden ADA restroom signs to make it easier for them to identify which washrooms are accessible for them. You should also indicate the best path to follow.

Incorporate online shopping

Keep in mind that nobody can make it to the store, but that does not mean that they should be excluded. Including an online shopping and delivery option for the handicapped is also a great way of making your business accessible. You can offer free delivery or charge them a small fee depending on the distance. Ensure that your website is easy to use and navigate and also provide fast delivery so they will keep coming back.

These tips are enough to help you make your business accessible to everyone regardless of their condition. Also, do not forget to learn more and be informed about accessibility laws to ensure that you comply with all. All the best!

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