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Seven Types of Pool Patio Furniture Ideas

The summer is over, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop planning for the next time we can enjoy the warm weather on our outside patio. Whether you have to wait for the warmer seasons to pop up or you live somewhere that is gorgeous and sunny all year, you want to have a nice backyard area that makes you happy to be around. Having a pool in your backyard is great for your family or when you have friends over. If there is a patio around the pool, things get even better; it can serve as a center for entertainment and recreation.  This is just one of the several other reasons to have a pool patio at home. The problem is that maybe you don’t necessarily know what to decorate your outside area with?

Here are the seven types of furniture for your pool patio that are truly inviting.

  1. Commercial Grade Resin Furniture

There is a variety of poolscapes you can choose from to beautify your pool area. The perfect furniture for your patio has to be picked depending upon the poolscape you pick. A very popular furniture variety is the Commercial Grade Resin Furniture, mostly because of its minimal maintenance and incredible durability. When ordering commercial grade resin furniture, it ships very quickly. It also stacks well and is lightweight. You will be able to clean this kind of furniture easily, and it does not require any re-strapping or refinishing. You will also be able to choose the furniture in a variety of different colors, so you are not stuck with furniture that lacks personality. Overall, this is a great choice for someone wanting furniture in their pool patio area.

  1. Commercial Grade Recycled Plastic Furniture

This kind of furniture for your pool patio area is low in maintenance and very durable. When you go with this type of furniture, you have the option for park benches, durable picnic tables, waste receptacles, and everything else that is made from recycled plastic and other recyclable materials. So, you are not only decorating your outside area with durable furniture but also helping the environment as well.

Remember, for commercial purposes, only A+ grade material must be used. You will see the material is usually pressed out into boards and slats that make it hard to tell it apart from regular wooden material. The hardware must be stainless steel.

  1. Commercial Grade Strapped Aluminum Furniture

When you choose commercial grade strapped aluminum furniture, you are choosing furniture that is durable and comfortable. They are made with virgin vinyl straps that are American made and are of great quality. Since these straps do not break or sag and have memory, you can have this furniture for several years. What is the point of buying furniture for your pool patio if you are going to need to replace it within a couple of years?

  1. Commercial Grade Aluminum Sling Furniture

This stylish furniture is growing as a popular choice among consumers as it incorporates the appearance of having cushion furniture, just without cushions. The reason why you would want to go with an option like this is because other commercial furniture may not fair well when it comes to what the weather may have in store.

Do keep in mind, though, that the slings have to be tight for the furniture to look good, and replacing the slings can be difficult. You will want to look out for vinyl-coated polyester fabrics that have a high thread count to ensure you are getting the best quality.

  1. Commercial Grade Rattan and Wicker Furniture

Commercial grade rattan and wicker furniture is great for those who are looking for a tropical look to their pool patio. Do you want to imagine you are at a resort far away from where you live? You can achieve this by going with this sort of type. Because full exposure wicker furniture has a powder coat, it is highly suited for the outdoors and whatever weather has in store for it. For limited exposure wicker, this is made of real wicker on a rattan frame. This really is a great option to decorate around your pool area and impress friends.

  1. Bistro Sets

When you are looking to get out of the pool and relax, while soaking up the sun, the bistro set is a good idea for your outdoor area. Two to four people can typically dine at this outdoor set, and you have the option of having it made out of different materials, such as iron or wood. This is a great option when you are looking to entertain or eat outside with a loved one during the warmer weather months. Go with a bar-height bistro set to have some fun while around the pool.

  1. Outdoor Sectionals and Sofas

Just because you are outside does not mean you can’t enjoy some true comfort. For pool parties or a sunny afternoon, gather everyone around on an outdoor sectional. It’s like having your living room outside. You can relax outside with a bowl of snacks next to you, and when you feel like it, you can go jump in the pool. It really is the perfect outdoor set-up.

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