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Pet owner? How to keep your house clean of animal fur

We all love our fuzzy furballs to bits, but at some point, having animal hair all over the place isn’t ideal for a healthy and happy life. So if you’re wondering if it’s even possible to track down and get rid of all the hair, while also keeping your pet happy – you’re at the right place. We’ve collected some of the best advice out there on how keeping your home neat when it comes to pet fur. Here are the tips from the foremost expert cleaners in Glasgow, to say goodbye to the messy hair all over your home, forever!


House cleaning becomes ten times easier when you take into consideration preventative measures. Pet grooming plays a vital role in getting rid of the hair all over! Part of the reason your four-legged friend may be shedding fur excessively is that they need to be trimmed more often. Another essential factor to consider is the treatment their fur gets. Pet hair products are the perfect way to make your pet happier while also simplifying your life a little. Brushing your pet, such as after a shower, will help you manage the looser strands while giving you more time with your furry companion.

The right tool for the job

If your vacuum isn’t up to snuff, consider investing in a new one – as it’s going to see extensive use. The carpet will always attract pet hair and, in due time, build up a significant quantity of it. Regularly vacuuming is essential in keeping the hair situation manageable. If you’ve left it alone for a while, however, it might have built up and set into the carpet quite a bit. It’s possible to scrape it off by hand, with a pumice stone, but if the build-up is too bad, it might take you a while. In that case, remember that you can get highly affordable carpet cleaning in Glasgow, for a fresh start.

New furniture?

It might be time to upgrade. Why? The domestic cleaning experts in Glasgow agree that one of the most common causes of pet fur all over the place is material that attracts it. That way, no matter how much effort you spend cleaning, it’s always going to be extra fuzzy once your pet’s sat on that couch or laid on the sofa. Luckily, there are ways around it. If you’re insistent on keeping the old furniture, try draping something over the place your pet typically sits. Otherwise, look for furniture with leather or fabric that’s tightly-woven together.

Be thorough

Pet hair is very light, which means it tends to collect where the rest of the debris eventually settles. Favourites include: under the bed, between the floorboards and in oft-ignored corners, among others. Nooks and crannies will likely contain some amount of pet fuzz, so be aware of it. The best way to handle this is by thoroughly cleaning the house every once in a while. It’s not an easy task, however. If you’d like a helping hand, a cleaner that does a deep clean in Glasgow may be just what you need.

Extra equipment

There’s a lot of ways you can use what you may have laying around the house to your advantage. Have an old pair of rubber gloves? Put them on, wet them a little, and pass them through wherever your pet’s hair has congregated. Rubber will naturally have a magnetic effect on the hair, picking it up so you can leave it somewhere else. Same goes for a slightly wet sponge. Try a lint roller as well – it may not last long, however. Don’t have any of these? Don’t worry, the cleaning services in Glasgow come prepared for such occasions. They’ll make short work of all of the hairs, and serve as inspiration whenever you want to clean the fur up by yourself.

With these tips, you, and your pet, should hopefully end up living in a slightly less fuzz-filled home.

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