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5 Timber flooring benefits you must know

Every builder knows that there are stages during construction that are crucial and if not done well, there could be problems. The foundation of your home will determine its lifespan. Besides, there is the finishing which brings out the final look of your home. Poor finishing would lower the value of a home while a perfect design will look impressive and the value of the home increases. The floor is one particular area that deserves attention and you need to choose materials that are strong and durable. Timber flooring is one of the materials that will give your floor the desired aesthetics and add to the value of the entire home.

Timber flooring is the conventional option and rules the other choices giving the house a royal and vintage look.

Continue reading and find out the benefits of timber flooring for your home

It’s durable

All other flooring options will only last for a while and fade off or wear out completely requiring replacement. Once you invest in strong timber flooring, it will take decades before it wears out even when it is used in wet areas like swimming pool flooring. You will only be required to do some basic cleaning and maintenance. Timber is strong and sturdy and therefore can withstand heavy traffic and force. The sturdiness of hardwood makes it so appropriate for places like museums and other busy places. Timber goes without being affected for years.

Timber is adaptable to any color

Are you looking for a finish that will complement the interiors of your home? Then timber is the best option for you. You have many options to choose from; bright theme, dark theme, black or white. The choice of theme will depend on the colors you have in your interior. You can also strip the floor and make it in any color. You can also choose either a matte or shiny finish. However, this is not okay with a carpet but with timber, then personal style and preferences are not compromised.

Adds value to your home

Wooden flooring has remained popular for some time now and this is for a reason. The many advantages and rustic feel that it presents to your home. When you use timber in your home, it looks classy and highly valued and therefore the resell value goes up. Are you planning to sell your home? You should think of using quality timber for your floor- it’ll increase the resell value.

Timber is healthy

You don’t want to have a floor in your home that will have health implications for your loved ones, especially children. Some flooring may lead to allergies; for instance, carpet accumulates dust and this is what leads to allergies and infections. A timber floor, on the other hand, is safe and healthy- it can be cleaned easily and therefore no accumulation of dirt.

Easy to maintain

Maintenance is one thing that you have to think about when installing a floor in your home. You need a floor that is easy to clean and with timber, the maintenance burden is reduced significantly. When installing, use a sealant to ensure that the surface is impervious. Thus the floor will be stain-resistant and appealing.

Timber flooring is one of the best options that you can have for your house. Get a reliable flooring professional who has experience in doing such floors. For a perfect finish, choose strong timber and ensure the type matches the interior colors.

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