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Different Types of Floor Plans That You Want for Your New Home

When you decide to build your home in Coronado, then it is exciting to see various kinds of floor plans to suit your needs. There is different Coronado floor plan house for sale available.

One of the most favorite floor plans that is offered by Liberty Homes in Coronado is more than 3,400 square foot, 2-story floor plan which will allow you to maximize the use of space.

You can also have space for garage, which can accommodate 3 cars which will be an added bonus. You can get them in the following three plans.

  • 1 – Floor plans with traditional features

Traditional style of floor plans will have same space as mentioned above with more walls. Here you can walk into any home that was built 10 years ago, where you will see this kind of floor plan.

Most family prefers this plan due to following benefits:

Option for several designs

  • In each room, you may add your own style and can make it as special you like
  • It will be really fun to use for each space many different materials, colors etc.

Providing cozier feel

  • When you are alone then larger rooms can give very spacious feel

More privacy

  • You will get more areas to have your own quiet time

Possibility of lowering your energy bills

  • As they will provide insulation, hence it will be easier to heat/cool areas having more walls

Better sound control

  • Due to more walls, more objects sound will pass through for reaching to other areas.
  • 2- Home design with contemporary open-concept

Floor plans of such types will have following benefits:


  • You can move around easily because of more amount of space

More open line-of-sight

  • It will be easier for families to see their children

Better natural light

  • Your space will get natural light coming from the windows as fewer walls will be blocking it

More contemporary aesthetic

  • These homes are having open-concept floor plan

Better resale value

  • Since the popularity of such open-concept style is rapidly growing hence it will be much easier to sell.

  • 3- Customized floor plans

In this plan, you can select rooms, fixtures, materials, colors, styles, and almost anything you want. You can also customize without going into too much detail, like you can choose your own layout plan and ask the builder take care of the rest.

This floor plan is also getting more popular among buyers too.

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