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6 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Flat Roof in the Top-Notch Condition

All types of roofing require timely inspections and maintenance to make sure they remain functional throughout. But flat roofs have a unique feature when compared to pitch roof because of the angle of inclination. It may cost you some money when it comes to roof maintenance but saves you a lot of money as the roof will last longer. Also many issues are addressed and fixed before they cost you a fortune later. Here are the maintenance tips for your roof.

  1. Have it inspected regularly

You should get your roof instead twice a year to make sure everything is in place. Luckily, roofs are easy to walk on. Scan the roof for loose seams, blisters, cracks, rust, and water pooling. If you notice any of these, get in touch with a roofing expert from

  1. Make sure it’s free of debris

When it comes to pitched roofs, they tend to gather more leaves, debris and twigs. This accumulation may lead to moisture retention which compromises the roof integrity and also causes algae and mold growth.

  1. Trim back surrounding trees

It is important to trim back the overhanging tree branches when it comes to roof maintenance. This reduces the number of times you have to eliminate the debris accumulation on the roof. You may also want to hire a professional if there are odds of a tree branch falling on the roof while you are trimming the trees.

  1. Inspect the drainage

Flat roofs are more prone to water accumulation. Pooling water is a sure shot sign of poor drainage. There must be some levelling needed for the spots of pooling water so that it flows to the drainage system. For the same, you need to get in touch with a professional.

  1. Look out for undue stress

Flat roofs are also prone to undue pressure when it bears too much weight. This can be caused by very heavy equipment, snow and ice. This may also cause the roof to collapse which can cause a lot of property damage. In order to be safe, make sure you have all the documentation ready from your roofing contractor on the amount of weight your roof can withstand.

  1. Fix leaks promptly

Flat roofs are also prone to leaks, just like any other roofs. If you notice any kind of leak, get in touch with a roofing contractor to address this issue and implement the necessary repairs.

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