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What to Do When Pigeons Are Nesting Under Your Solar Panels

Pigeons are not the smartest birds you may come across. However, it didn’t take long for them to discover that solar panels can be perfect nesting locations. In recent years, the increased popularity of solar panels has made the issue a common problem for many property owners.

Pigeons usually nest under solar panels as they want a warm and sheltered place. A solar panel offers protection from extreme weather conditions and predators. If the birds decide your solar panels are their new homes, their presence can lead to many problems. One of the problems you may experience is the accumulation of the birds’ droppings under the solar panels. You will also notice the droppings on roof tiles and driveways. If the substances build up on the panels, they become less efficient as compared to clean ones.

The fecal matter from pigeons is common in city centers. If you think it looks a little gross, imagine them under your solar panels. The droppings will result in a pretty unpleasant scene in your home. Here are some of the things you should do if you notice pigeons are nesting under your solar panels.

Install a Bird Mesh

This is one of the most common solar pigeon control techniques for many homeowners. The mesh is used to seal the area under the panels. However, it doesn’t technically “seal off” them from your property as air can still penetrate.

A mesh will make it hard for pigeons to nest under the solar panels. A bird netting is a more cost-effective option and will perform the same function. However, they have lower resistance to the birds. Most people prefer the nets due to their attractiveness and the fact that they are low-impact for the roof and panels.

Use Anti-Roosting Spikes

The spikes are readily available in hardware stores and effective when it comes to solar pigeon control. You can easily attach them to any area around your solar panels that often attracts the birds. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions during the installation. Alternatively, you can use a slinky toy. This is likely to keep birds away as it creates a surface that’s uncomfortable for them.

Buy Scary Devices

You can get decoys such as hawks in toy stores. By putting them near the solar panels, pigeons will not nest under them. The birds will become accustomed to the toys’ presence if you put them in the same spot. Therefore, move them from time to time to ensure effectiveness.

Keep Your Yard Clean

Keeping your home clean is another solar bird control method. If there’s a lot of easily accessible food in your yard, then your property will become more appealing for pigeons. For example, if you tend to leave bird feed or food remains in your yard, chances are the birds will remain in your home. Get rid of all the food pigeons may eat.

Get Professional Help

Have you tried the above options without success? If yes, then it’s time to contact professionals for help. Solar panel cleaning firms also deal with solar bird control and offer solutions if pigeons are nesting under your solar panels.

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