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Photovoltaic Solar V.S Thermal Solar

With solar energy, it is very important to understand the main types of solar solutions that are available today. The function of the two different types of solar power is similar but the way that they generate power can vary. Converting raw energy from the sun’s power is essentially what each type of solar solution will do. However, we will discuss the differences in these two types and how they convert the sun’s energy.

Solar Thermal Technology

Solar thermal technology takes energy from the sun, converts it into heat and then stores it to later transform it into electricity. The panels on these rooftops will collect heat in liquid tubes that go into a cylinder for use. The fluid that gets heated by sunlight will eventually take on the form of a gas or liquid. This type of energy can then be used to drive a turbine which will be able to generate a large amount of energy. Solar thermal is often suitable for usage in commercial and residential sectors but in smaller systems it’s commonly used to heat up water.

Photovoltaic Solar Energy

A solar panel that is photovoltaic collects the rays of the sun and then changes it into electrical energy. These types of panels work primarily in the day when there is the most sunlight to collect. Photovoltaic panels are able to change the light from the sun into energy. These panels function by letting in light particles, heating the electrons in the panel and then generating electric power based off of the heat energy. Each solar panel is made up of a series of smaller units which are called photovoltaic cells. Every cell is placed in a sandwich with two semiconductor slices of silicon, this is the primary method to delivering energy from the panels to the home.

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