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Factors to consider when choosing a warehouse space

A warehouse is a very essential facility in any business. Whether small, medium or large, it offers security for the goods as they await the potential buyer. A warehouse allows the business owner to look for the buyers of their commodities while still in the warehouse. Choose warehouse space that fits your business needs. Compare the available space with the items you want to store and any other thing that you’d want to do with space.

This article discusses several factors that you need to consider when looking for office space

Consider the Features of the warehouse

It is always important to check on some features of the warehouse you intend to lease before signing the contract. The layout and size of the warehouse are very key. Is the size is enough, too big or too small for your goods? Choose a warehouse that will accommodate your goods without leaving any big space or without squeezing the goods in some small space. The layout should allow for easy handling of goods and ease of movement and storage.


Location is one of the major factors you must consider when choosing a warehouse for your business. The warehouse space should be in a prime location for easy accessibility by buyers and suppliers at all times. No one would want to buy goods from a business where accessibility is a problem. Imagine, your business truck getting stuck and your customers don’t get their items in time.

Staff availability

You will need members of staff to help you receive, store, record, and help in releasing goods to the buyers. You cannot handle every task by yourself and therefore you need the human resource. After you have chosen the location of your warehouse you need also to research whether you can get cheap labor from the neighborhood. The location of your warehouse should be able to allow you to get staff, even the skilled ones from within. When you hire support staff from the neighborhood, it is less costly because you will not need to pay for their accommodation, transport and such.

Future expansion

When looking for industrial warehouse space Brooklyn, consider your expansion plan- you should have in mind that your business will grow at one point and you do not need to keep on moving from one warehouse to another. The warehouse you choose should allow for the growth of your business in the future and should be able to accommodate more goods, more office space, and other functions.


You need to incorporate all the costs to be incurred before choosing your warehouse space. First consider the cost of hiring the warehouse itself, the cost of shipping goods in and out of your warehouse and finally all other costs like maintenance costs, labor, external cost and the like.

Every business owner needs to be very keen when choosing a warehouse space. Get space that will allow for future expansion and one whose cost the business can afford even during the downtimes.

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