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Shopping for Crown Molding: What to Know

Crown moldings are architectural features that can add value to your house. They can add visual appeal to make your house feel more upscale. When done right, crown moldings help in lifting the space and make the ceiling feeling higher. They are details that can bring out the faded grandeur in an old home while concealing some sorts of flaws.

Elaborately detailed crown moldings are traditionally made of plaster. But, you can consult catalogs to look for the design that works for your space. Wood can also be a great material for crown moldings. Moldings made of composite materials like vinyl, polyurethane foam, and PVC are the easiest to install.

Crown Molding Shopping Tips

 If you have been wondering if crown molding could work in your house, don’t be. The tips below will help you decide:

  • Take the height of the ceiling and home style into account. If you have a modern home or a mid-century modern California ranch-style house, any type of crown  molding may look out of place. If you own a traditional house and you want ornate crown molding in it while maintaining a contemporary style, keep the furnishings simple with clean lines and little pattern. If your ceiling is at least 10 feet tall, allow an inch of width for every foot of ceiling height.

  • Combine more than one kind of crown moldings. You can achieve the look of wide crown moldings without spending a fortune, use a narrower molding and purchase another narrow trim. Place the molding up and the narrow trim up so its top is 2 inches below the bottom of the molding. Painting both moldings and the strip of bare wall between them the same color will make it look like it’s a very wide piece of molding.
  • Consider the design carefully. Although almost all rooms can benefit from a crown molding upgrade, homes with high ceilings are suited since the molding creates a visually unifying effect that makes the ceiling look and feel like a part of the overall design. When you shop for crown moldings, take into consideration the room’s vibe. For instance, a Victorian-style crown would look out place in a rustic log cabin. Big, detailed trim would overwhelm a small space or one with low ceilings. Also, thin crown moldings do not have the presence that a huge, high-ceilinged room demands.

Benefits of Crown Moldings

Crown molding comes with a range of benefits such as the following:

  • It provides any room with upscale elegance. Crown moldings can transform a simple and basic space into something amazing and wonderful to look at. It completes a room’s architectural detail. For instance, decorative moldings can offer your cabinets a finished look.
  • Complement your space. For homes with taller ceilings, more intricate and detailed crown molding should be added. A more streamlined look suits homes with lower ceilings. Ultimately, you want to improve the look of a space while ensuring you don’t make a room feel small or dominated by any woodwork element.

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