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Qualities of a good window cleaning company

The windows in your house add a lot to the overall aesthetics of your home. If you have low quality windows; with cheap glasses, frames and such- then you are limited in the much you can earn if you sold your home. That is why many builders are ready to spend to the last coin and ensure that the windows come out perfectly.

Having high-quality windows is one thing and it’s another thing to maintain them. The basic way of maintaining windows is through thorough cleaning. For the best results, you need a reliable company that will ensure regular window maintenance at an affordable fee.

Before you choose a window cleaning company, find below some of the qualities you should look out for

The cleaning company should have comprehensive insurance

What would happen if in the course of cleaning your windows, the company employees destroy property or even one of them gets injured? Without the right insurance coverage, it would mean that you take responsibility and compensate or pay for the damage. That is why any company that is ready to provide cleaning services must be insured against such in eventualities. Having an insurance cover also tells you how the window contractor is committed to excellent service provision, thus you can entrust them with such a delicate responsibility.

Experience in the industry

For how long has the company been in operation and how long has the proprietor been in the business? Professional cleaners do not require a college degree to give perfect results, nope- experience is the thing. An experienced cleaner will know how sensitive tampered glass is and how to equip a ladder for protection of your home while accessing the windows from either inside or outside. You will know how competent they are when giving details of the things required in cleaning.


You have a budget for cleaning the windows that if exceeded could throw you out of balance financially. Before you engage that window cleaning company, you need to find out how much they charge for the service. How their package and what is are the expected results? Many companies offer different prices for their services and all of us want to make a saving and therefore a cheaper price is more appealing. Generally, most of the companies will charge $2-$3 per side of each window pane. Therefore, you have a reason to doubt any company offering a lower or higher price.

Quality of service and feedback

You don’t want to deal with a window cleaning company that has poor services; poor communication, delays, bad language and such. A good company has attention to detail. They want to serve you to your satisfaction. Such companies will have a list of loyal customers whom they constantly engage through emails, calls and social platforms. They have built a reputation and if you ask your friends or relatives, they will be happy to refer you to them.

When looking for window cleaners or kitchen renovations experts, be careful to choose one that will give you excellent services at an affordable rate. Choose a company that gives attention to the details and with experienced employees. Quality of service is the priority when it comes to a window cleaning company.

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