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Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Abstract Area Rugs For Your Home!

Abstract rugs are some of the most beautiful and intricate in the entire rug industry, so it makes perfect sense if this is the style that speaks most to you. Of course, finding the perfect abstract rug to match your unique taste and home aesthetics is typically a lot easier said than done.

We’ve teamed up with the Abstract area rug experts at Rug Source, Inc. to support us in developing this helpful list of tips oriented around this unique type of rug shopping. So if you love abstract rugs but aren’t quite sure what you should be on the lookout for, keep reading to find out what the industry specialists say are the most important factors for abstract rug shopping!

What You Should Look For When Shopping For Abstract Area Rugs

Although there truly are many different shopping factors that should be taken seriously while you’re on the hunt for a new abstract rug, the following are some important considerations to keep in mind:

Various Color Scheme

It’s always important to make sure that your new abstract rug features the types of colors that you want within your home. Although it’s safe to say that not every abstract rug is gushing with vibrancy, there still are countless options out there that’ll feature a unique color scheme.

Even if you’re not necessarily looking for a ‘colorful rug’, you should at least be able to recognize various shades found within your preferred options. Many abstract rugs will utilize upwards of 50 dyes, and other rug developers will utilize the ‘abrash technique’ to create even more shade variations.

Impeccable Rug Design

Many abstract area rugs will be originally inspired from paintings and computerized images; however, there are many artisans throughout the world that still embody traditional techniques and motifs within their design’s theme. Most high-quality abstract rugs are also handmade, which means that the rug will take a very long time to complete.

You should make sure that your new abstract rug offers a very unique design that speaks to you on a personal level. The amount of skill and attention to detail that goes into creating a great abstract rug is unparalleled even throughout the rug industry, so it’s important to take design very seriously while shopping!

High-Quality Rug Materials

Every great area rug earns its value through many more ways than just looks, and this is why it’s crucial for rug shoppers to do their homework and read up on the more intricate details of the abstract rugs they’re most interested in buying.

Many genuine abstract rugs are made of wool and/or silk, and you can generally expect high-quality abstract rugs to cost more than knockoffs due to these material costs.

Seeing Rug Character Via Texture

All great abstract area rugs will be hand-finished, which means that they’ll feature certain irregularities when it comes to the rug’s surface texture. Although some people may see this is a drawback, it’s important for well-educated rug shoppers to understand who this is actually something that makes the area rug more unique.

You’ll likely have your own personal preferences when it comes to low and high pile options, but keeping rug texture in mind will ultimately guide you towards making the right decision based upon your unique tastes.

Contact The Rug Source Experts To Learn More About Their Abstract Area Rugs!

There’s a lot that abstract rug shoppers need to consider during their shopping processes, and the above tips are really only just the beginning in terms of everything you’ll need to keep in mind.

The good news is that plenty of online outlets offer one-on-one advice sessions with experienced industry experts, and you can learn more about Rug Source’s abstract area rugs by clicking through the hyperlink at the beginning of the blog and speaking with their team today!

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