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Reasons of Choosing Log Homes Rather Than Any Conventional Home

Nowadays, many people are preferring log homes instead of buying any brick and mortal type conventional homes.

You will find a cabin built by Frontier Log Homes are providing you much better advantages as compared to any conventional home and following are few of them.

  • Trees are considered as renewable resource

Since people love to have greener choice, trees can be the best example for that. If your home is built with logs then you can enjoy carbon free environment all your life.

  • Long lasting

People who think that a brick home is long lasting must know that there are few houses in the European countries that are 800 years old and built with log and timbers.

So, log homes too are quite durable.

  • Withstand wrath of mother nature

There are plenty of evidences available that prove that such log homes can withstand a number of worst weather conditions like Rita and Hurricane Katrina that happened in 2005.

So, you will find such homes are better against the wrath of mother nature.

  • Fit the land

As all the materials used for such log houses are organic and comes from nature and hence it can easily integrate with any kind of landscape where you plan to build them.

  • Fast framing

If you try to build such homes by using pre-cut or pre-drilled logs then it is possible to build such houses much faster than any conventional houses.

Therefore, your house will not remain exposed to weather for long so that mold or mildew are formed.

  • Warmth of wood

These wooden logs have certain natural property which will help to keep the environment inside the home warm and the temperature inside will remain well maintained during all seasons of the year.

  • Super energy efficient

If all the walls and doors are properly sealed then you will find that such homes built with log will prove to be more energy efficient as compared to traditional homes.

  • Superior craftsmanship

As compared to any conventional home, you will find such homes have much superior carpentry work which will certainly impress you much more.

  • Peace and quietness

These types of log homes are mostly found to be much quieter as compared to any conventional type of homes, because of same thermal mass which provides better energy efficiency as well as sound deadening.

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