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5 Ways to Know When to Replace Your Windows

Everyone loves a well-lit house. Windows play an important role in providing light, warmth, and ventilation to an otherwise dark and damp house. Apart from being the eyes to your house, a well-functioning window minimizes heat gain or loss, thereby, cutting down the energy use.

Though residential windows last 15 to 20 years with regular maintenance, over the course of years, your newly installed windows might wear down calling for a replacement. If your windows look dull or the paint has worn away at places, you may choose to repair a window instead of replacing it. However, if there are significant damages that compromise the efficiency of the windows, then it’s time to replace them. If you are wondering how to tell if you need new windows, this article will help you understand when the right time to replace home windows is.

5 Ways to Know When to Replace Your Windows

There are several signs that indicate that your house needs new windows. We have compiled the top 5 signs that can be used to tell if your house needs new windows.

Condensation Between Window Panes

Double or triple-pane windows are windows that have two or three sheets of glass instead of a single pane. The space between the two panes is for insulation. To further insulate the window, gas like Argon is filled within the space and sealed with caulk. When it is not properly sealed or if the sealing fails, air and humidity enter the space between the panes. You may notice condensation building up between the layers giving the window a foggy look. This also happens when one of the panes is cracked allowing more air to leak in and out of the house. A window with failed sealing is less efficient in insulating than a window in perfect condition.

Windows that leak air must be replaced as they are not efficient in maintaining an ideal temperature within the house. When you’re looking to replace your windows, a casement or an awning-style window is a great option. When you close these types of windows, seals are compressed slightly making it difficult for air to leak out.

When You Can Hear Outdoor Noise

Does the hustle on the road bother you even when you have shut your doors and windows? Do you hear the sound of every car that passes by your house as you try to get some sleep at night? This is because your windows do not provide enough insulation from sound; they are not sealed the right way or have been manufactured poorly. You can replace such windows with double or triple pane windows insulated with gases like Argon or Krypton.

Your Energy Bill Is Too High

Did you just find out that your utility bills are hiking every month and are absolutely clueless about the reason? If there is space between the window frame and the wall, heat and air can seep in and out and, therefore, would require your cooling and heating units to work harder. Replacing your drafty windows with properly insulated ones can bring down your utility bill.

Add extra layers or panes to help increase your window’s insulation. Most older homes are made with a single layer of glass, which makes it very much susceptible to air leakage. With more layers, like double or triple pane windows, you can ensure that you are helping keep everything locked in. A fixed window may not be the best option if you are looking for ventilation and certainly not a good idea in the case of a fire. But, a fixed window is good for preventing the leakage of air and heat, which means your utility bill will thank you.

Hard to Open, Close, or Lock

Incorrect installation can lead to difficulty in opening, closing, and locking of windows. Some common reasons include loose or stripped screws and tight springs. Not being able to close or lock your windows is undoubtedly a compromise in your safety and privacy and requires replacement.

Warped Window Frames

Though minor problems that compromise the aesthetic looks of the windows can be repaired, replacing broken, damaged, or warped window frames is the ideal choice. When moisture and water infiltrate your window frames, the frame will become soft indicating that it is rotten. Over time, the window frame will start sagging.

When you have decided to replace your windows, you have to consider a few features like the type of frame, glazing, gas fill, spacer, and operation. If you are still confused whether to repair or replace the windows, you can approach a professional window installation company in your locality. If you are in Massachusetts or Connecticut, you can contact Wells Custom Framers, a window installation company that can handle everything from a window replacement to custom window installation.

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