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Is a Mobile Home Right For You?

There are many advantages to mobile homes. They offer a lower cost option for buying a stick-built home. Mobile homes offer the ability of homeownership easier to achieve compared to a 30-year mortgage. And the fact that mobile homes cost less per square foot than a physical home that was built, you can get more space for your money. Especially if you have a low budget when it comes to buying a home, manufactured homes are a great option especially for first-time investors and first-time home buyers.

Also, when buying a mobile home, if he or she bought it for $19,000 (depending on any modifications done to the home) that home could sell for double the price it was purchased at. It’s way better than renting as anyone can get a mortgage for as less than $357 per month compared to a house that would be the same size as a mobile home. Many may say that a new mobile home for their first home was a better option because they couldn’t afford the cost of a standard house in contrast to a mobile home that would have a mortgage much less with more space and likely more affordable.

When it comes to property taxes, maintenance, insurance, and most places where you are placing a manufactured home; the property rent is often way less than a regular mortgage combined. Mobile homes can be pretty nice in some neighborhoods. Yes, some tend to be very ugly and beat up in certain areas when it comes to mobile homes, but the same goes for regular brick and mortar houses in lower-income and urban areas. Just check out the neighborhood before buying. New Mobile homes can be safe.

It all really depends on the neighborhood he or she may decide to live in. Some can even stand against tornados, hurricanes, and anything else mother nature throws at it. Giving the occupants the same protection and security of a normal home.

For the following reasons, this is why he or she may want to use a mobile home for their first home:

  • Lower Price
  • Lower mortgage loan
  • Smaller monthly payments
  • Less Maintenance
  • Lower financial risk compared to buying a house
  • Way better than renting

Now we’re going to talk numbers. On many can find manufactured homes for as little as $23,900 and as high as $75,650. For their cheapest option, it called ‘Thrifty’. It’s a 1 bedroom 1 bath. It ranges around 427 sq. ft and is priced at $23,900.

For most, this is pretty compact, but if a person deciding to rent or buy is a single person or a retired couple with an empty nest this would be the perfect accommodation. Or maybe he or she may be looking for something a little bigger than that. If so, they might be interested in a 1,173 sq. ft 3-bedroom 2 bath. For only $46,911 this could be yours. For that much space in Michigan according to, someone could be looking at spending around $260,000.

So, depending on what many may call cheap or comfortable they’d be getting way more bang for their buck going for a new mobile home.

Let’s talk about the highest priced and biggest manufactured homes currently on the market. The ‘Elkhart’ model home. For $75,650 you can get 2,036 sq. ft. This is 4 beds 2 baths. In the words of Pres. Donald Trump, this is HUGE. According to Zillow, new mobile homes in MI, many could find a house with the same square footage for around $374,900. Let’s do the math. For only $75,000 he or she be moving into a brand-new home. Any further expenses involved would likely be some type of lot rent which would cost someone between $600-$700 a month. To finance something like this for that much they could be looking at a mortgage of as little as $200-$300 monthly.

That’s right. A brand new fashionably designed home for something as low as a power bill. The options and upgrades are unlimited when it comes to new mobile homes in MI. And on anyone can even have the home custom built to his or her likings which is even a MORE bang for your buck. 

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