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Making Your Home Look Luxurious Without Spending a Fortune

All homeowners have a wish list. Whether it’s the finishes, furnishings, and decor, we all have that ideal look in our heads for how we want our homes to look like. Unfortunately, there are limitations, and the most common is our budget. Let’s face it: decorating can be an expensive affair.

Decorating a home that you’d be proud to post on your Instagram and can rival those photos from interior design magazines costs a lot of money. You need furniture pieces, mirrors, fabrics, rugs, and other accessories to complete the look. In addition, if you get all of these brand new, you’ll end up blowing your budget pretty fast. Fortunately, there are many design tricks you can use to achieve that high-end look without any damage to your bank account. By making smart choices, you’ll be able to make your home look like you spent way more than you actually did. Here are some ideas to help make your beloved space look like a million bucks:

Bamboo on Your Window Treatments

Window treatments play an important role in any room. They’re the finishing touches that make any space look complete and properly put together. Beyond aesthetics, they’re pretty practical as well. They provide the right amount of privacy while also blocking drafts and filtering light. If you aren’t into drapery but still want to dial up your basic panels’ style a few notches, window companies in Salt Lake City suggest pairing them with some shades made of bamboo or other natural fiber for that added organic feel. With this designer trick, you can achieve a look that’s warm, layered, and polished. Not only are these extremely stylish, but they’re easy on the budget as well.

An Antique on Display

A lovely antique can give any room that much needed class, sense of wisdom, and history. There’s just something about antique pieces that make any room look a lot more elegant and sophisticated, and this is something that cannot be easily recreated using pieces you can find in stores. Now, we’re not telling you to actually find an authentic antique or vintage piece. The great thing about this is you can simply look for anything that looks like something you found at a flea market in Paris without the overwhelming price tag. The top choices are huge accessories such as mirrors and lamps, but if you’re not looking for anything large scale, you can go for smaller pieces as well, such as antique picture frames, boxes, and even sculptural wall sconces.

Flowers Here and There

Fresh flowers are great if you’re looking to brighten up your space and bring a touch of nature indoors. These can instantly lift the overall mood and vibe of any room. For a more luxurious look, go for a much bigger bouquet. Of course, you still want to keep it in moderation. Going overboard for anything related to home décor can get borderline tacky. A huge, bountiful bouquet on top of your coffee table may be all you need. Just make sure it’s full and lush and not sparse to achieve that look of luxury.

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