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Installing New Air Conditioners For Your Home: Tips For Every Homeowner!

If your HVAC units are more than a decade old, you may want to think of replacement. Air conditioners, which haven’t been performing well or need frequent repairs, are also worth replacing. HVAC installation is a huge financial decision, and there are certain aspects to consider. Also, you need a team of experienced AC unit installers, who can offer suggestions and get the job done as per latest standards.

Should I really install new HVAC units?

This is often the most common question that homeowners have in mind. There are a few tell-a-tale signs of air conditioning problems that must be considered.

Try to answer questions like –

  • Are you spending more on frequent repairs?
  • Is your AC unit not performing well in peak summers?
  • How frequently have you replaced parts and components in the last five years?
  • Are you paying too much in energy bills?
  • Do you think that the HVAC units are running more than usual to cool the house?

In general, experts recommend replacing HVAC units every ten years, but it also depends on certain factors. For instance, if you have spent well on servicing and maintenance, the AC unit may perform better.

Switch to centralized air conditioning

It is an absolutely wise idea to go for centralized air conditioners, which do have a few good advantages over standard window units. Central air is great for dehumidifying your home, can help in filtering air better and will have reduced maintenance and repair costs. Homes with central cooling units also fetch a better price in the long run, so you are likely to get returns on your investment. Not to forget, you can save more on energy bills as well.

Finding an HVAC contractor

This is an aspect that needs the most attention. HVAC contractors have a fair idea of new models, units and products, and they can make the best recommendations based on the cooling & heating needs of your home. Just make sure that the HVAC company is experienced, has an in-house team of bonded and insured workers, and offers emergency repairs and services when required. For new AC installations, you must ask for an estimate in advance, and make sure that you have considered the costs of installation and fittings.

This is like an investment for the next decade, so don’t shy away from spending a tad more than what you may have expected.

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