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Housekeeping for Couples: Maintaining Your Home to Strengthen Your Relationship

Instead of just planning how to split the monthly bills, couples should also gain mastery in home maintenance before moving in together. A well-maintained home shows that you’re highly responsible and mature to commit to a serious relationship. Plus, it’s cost-efficient, so that’s fewer expenses and more savings for you and your partner.

Aside from changing light bulbs and cleaning the house as needed, expect to perform unglamorous tasks, such as unclogging drains, fixing leaks, and getting rid of pests, from time to time. If you’re the squeamish type, you may assign those tasks to your partner, or better yet, do them together if you can handle it since it can be a source of amusement that can strengthen your bond further. After all, who says that relationship milestones should always involve a romantic moment?

That said, here’s a detailed list of all the housekeeping tasks you should master with your partner or future spouse.

  1. Turning off the main valves in case of an emergency

You must know where your home’s main shutoff valves are located, in case serious damage in your plumbing or electrical system occurs. In such an event, these are the controls you can switch off:

  • heating fuel main shutoff
  • main electrical fuse/circuit breaker
  • main water shutoff
  • shutoff valves for toilets, sinks, and washing machines

A wrench may be required to switch off some of these valves, so be sure have one in your toolbox. Have a fire extinguisher in the fire-prone areas of your home, too, just in case electrical damage sets an appliance ablaze.

  1. Unclogging the drains

There are chemicals you can buy to dissolve a blockage in your drains, but if you’re reluctant to use those, keep a drain snake, instead, and wound it down your clogged drain to relieve it of the obstructive material. If the problem seems to be more than just a clog, don’t hesitate to call in your city’s most trusted plumbing company. Even if your partner is willing to do the dirty work, it doesn’t mean they’ll enjoy it, so spare them the hassle by just relying on a pro!

  1. Cleaning the gutters

Cleaning the gutters should be included in your fall and spring cleanup checklist. Dirty gutters are the common cause of water damage inside the house because fallen leaves have clogged the downspouts, where the water should be flowing.

Though gutter-cleaning is fairly easy to DIY, hiring a pro to do it may be wiser unless you’re equipped with a full-body harness when going up the roof.

  1. Caulking

Caulking prevents water from seeping between your tub or tile and the walls. It can be little tricky, because caulking can either be too messy or ineffective if you applied the wrong amount. The trick is to snip the caulk’s tube tip about 1/4 inches from its end for it to release the right amount of product.

  1. Repairing the drywall

Over time, your drywall will suffer wear damage from the nails and everything you put against it. The fix is easy, tough; just apply some spackle and spread it evenly with a putty knife.

Establishing a Home Maintenance System

Before moving in together, you should discuss expectations for home maintenance, deciding who will clean what, when and how often to clean, and your standards for general upkeep. Quarrels over chores can be avoided with planning and clear communication.

If one of you fails to perform their chore, learn to forgive and forget; housekeeping isn’t meant to be perfected all the time, so recognize that occasional missed chores are only a small mistake, and therefore not worth an argument. Your love for each other should be more important than who cleans better.

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