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7 Treats to Hand Out at an Open House

When it comes to an open house, it isn’t just the house that will make an impression on the guests, but also the service and treats you provide. Here are the 7 treats to hand out at an open house to make an impression on the prospective buyers and make them feel welcomed and cared for.

1. Blueberry cupcakes

People of all age groups cannot resist a blueberry cupcake. These blueberry cupcakes are bursting with berries and topped with a blueberry frosting swirled with vanilla. They are moist, with hints of lemon and vanilla, making them a very suitable treat for realtors and prospective buyers who are tired due to the heat.

2. Personalized fortune cookies

Personalized fortune cookies are another excellent method of creating an impression on prospective buyers as they make the buyers feel more cared for. You can personalize the messages inside the fortune cookies according to the open house scenario to create a more welcoming approach. You can also personalize the wrapping and packaging to suit your needs.

3. Sweet lemonade

What more could realtors and prospective home buyers want than a glass of sweet and chilled lemonade after being out under the sun for a long time? The guests would feel invited when you offer lemonade near the door. Provide little paper cups to deter guests from leaving half-empty glasses about the house.

4. Brownies

Brownies are always a safe bet in any weather situation and help cheer up prospective buyers if they are in a bad mood. It is the ideal dessert, with a cake-like gooey center that melts in your tongue and a crispy top. Slice the brownies into bite-sized pieces so that the guest can eat as per their wish.

5. Chocolate chip cookies

Nothing can go wrong with chocolate chip cookies as they are the standard across all open houses and are everyone’s favorite. There is nothing more reminiscent of a home than the aroma of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven. Very few can resist a freshly baked cookie, and for many, the aroma evokes childhood memories.

6. Hot chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? It is considered comfort food. Hot chocolate is the ideal method to warm up guests for an open house in the winter season. The guests would feel welcomed and cared for, especially during the winters when you serve hot chocolate.

7. Assorted candies

You can give a bag of assorted candies to the guests coming to an open house. It is a tried and true way to impress parents and children alike. Don’t forget to keep a trash can so that the guests and, more importantly, their children do not leave the candy wrappers lying around on the floor.

Final thoughts

Once the open house ends, take note of the treats that the guest picked the most and the least. Serve the most favored ones the next time you have an open house. Also, serve treats that are appropriate for the season. Last but not least, don’t forget to clean up after the open house ends!

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