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The Case For High Ceilings and the Changes They Bring to the Room

Homebuyers tend to prefer homes with high ceilings because of the feeling of spaciousness. They are also open to more creative interior design elements. High ceilings give the instant luxury feel to the house, but they also have several functional benefits:

An Increase in Home Value

Because of their luxurious feel, they become a most-sought feature of a home by buyers. When selling a home, high ceilings can add to the wow-factor of a home.

High ceilings also tend to be more difficult to heat or cool. Therefore, it is best to expect an increase in energy bills. Adding solar panels to the home can help solve this problem and help homeowners save more money in the long run. To know what panels fit best for the house, contacting trusted solar energy companies to get their advice can help mitigate issues in this feature of the house. The addition of solar power to the house contributes an additional $9,274 to the value of the home.

More Natural Light

Having more space for windows means more natural light coming into the house. The house can feature clerestory windows. These windows are found at the topmost portion of the wall. Not only do they serve as an extra welcome spot for sunlight, but they are also a good option for homeowners who want to keep their privacy. This is a solution to the much-too-exposed problem posed by living in a house with too many glass walls.

They Make the Room Feel Bigger

If there is not enough horizontal space, vertical space saves the day. High ceilings give more open space for the room that prevents people from feeling too closed or boxed in.

Thus, high ceilings allow more space to the room that can be used for interior design choices. For example, this feature welcomes a wide range of chandelier types and designs since there will be no problems with height. Chandeliers can dangle freely without the risk of a person hitting them.

It Does Not Have to Be Flat

Different kinds of ceilings add a few more feet to the height of the room. They are also a way of exercising freedom in choosing the ceiling for the room. Aside from the regular flat ceiling, the following are popular ceiling styles:

  • Cathedral ceiling. This has two sides sloping equally from the center. It also features a ridge in the middle. It looks like the elementary depiction of a house — a triangle with only two sides. For support, it usually has exposed beams and other features that help the beams support the ceiling.
  • Barrel vault. It is a ceiling with a continuous arch, ranging from a soft arch, a half-round, or elliptical. It can be constructed with stone, brick, or wood.
  • Slanted ceilings. Contrary to a cathedral ceiling where the two angled sides meet in the middle, a slanted ceiling uses only one angle. It gives a contemporary and minimalist feeling to the room.

Cleaning High Ceilings

One downside of having high ceilings is the extra effort to clean the room. There might be cobwebs on the corner of the room or just routine upkeep of the house. Homeowners will need certain tools to reach the highest places in the room.

  • A trusty ladder. Make sure that the ladder is safe and secure, not wobbly and wonky.
  • A broom or feather duster with a long handle. These are the basics of taking off cobwebs from the ceiling. The regular-sized ones might need you to climb up a taller ladder and still tiptoe. Finding ones with long handles keeps all those hassles away.
  • A vacuum with a long cord. You would want to make sure that you would not need to carry the body of the vacuum while climbing up the stairs. With the body staying still on the floor, both you and the vacuum will be stable.
  • A helmet, maybe. Not everyone is good with heights or balancing on a ladder. Staying safe while cleaning should be a top priority, so bringing in a few protective gear would be optimal. This way, you will feel safe while taking careful steps on the ladder.

With all these options for high ceilings, one’s personal preference should still prevail. It is good to know the advantages and disadvantages of such a pretty feature for the home. You might want the feeling of more space but unable to reach tall places for cleaning.

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