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Home Security Installation – Is DIY or Professional Installation Better?

A home security system protects your family from intruders. Houses without security system are more likely to be the target of a burglar. Installing a home security system comes at a cost but failing to install one may cost you a lot more. You could choose to purchase it and install it by yourself or hire the help of professional. DIY is cheaper while professional installation is easier and comes with added security. The following are the basic things you have to consider before weighing down the pros and cons of both.

Signs that professional installation would be right for you:

  • You are looking for an extensive system that comes with indoor and outdoor security cameras and multiple door and window sensors
  • You don’t want to allot a separate time from your schedule for installation
  • Installation fee falls within your budget
  • You aren’t into DIY

Signs that DIY installation would be right for you:

  • You are content with a simple system with fewer door and window sensors and about 1 indoor camera
  • You don’t want to spend extra bucks for installation
  • You are into DIY

Professional installation:

Contact Performance Audio for home security installation in San Francisco. Their technicians will brief you through the set up and happy to help you with your queries. A professional technician would have the expertise in fixing the sensors in console in the apt spots. He knows how exactly to carry out things for optimal performance of the security system. After the installation, the technician will test the system and help you with code activation. You’ll have to present in home during the time of installation though.


  • Installation Fees
  • Time commitment
  • May not work for renters

DIY installation:

If it is wireless system the work would be pretty simple. Most security systems are wireless and the components come with adhesive backing. A hardwired system requires drills and using heavy tools which is trickier. You get to work at your preferred schedule. Even if you have questions during the middle of installation, you can contact a technician over call.


  • You are faced with all the work
  • Lack of professional expertise
  • Higher up-front costs

When you get it done by a professional you won’t have to read the instruction manuals multiple times and worry if you are doing it right. All you have to do is sit back and relax. The choice is yours.

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