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Few Pros and Cons of Ductless Heating

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to install a ductless heating system in their homes which is supposed to be much more efficient too. These are also called as mini-splits.

You may go through mini split heat pumps frequently asked questions on the internet to know more about this new system. In this write-up, we will discuss about few advantages and disadvantages of such systems.

Advantages of ductless heating system

This kind of ductless heating system offers the following advantages:

  • Better heating of your rooms

As compared to previous ducted heating system this is much efficient heating system and you can maintain the temperature of your room as per your desired range.

There is individual heating system for each room and hence any given area of the house will remain at desired temperature.

  • More flexibility for placement

You can place the heating system based on the size of the room and many other considerations. You may place it either in the wall or ceiling whichever suits you well.

  • Easy installation

If you compare with the ducted system of heating, you will find the installation work for this kind of system will be much easier and straight forward.

  • Improved energy efficiency

There will be very little loss of energy as compared to ducted system and your energy bill will be much reduced which will give you certain savings too, in the longer run.

  • Customizable

Another feature of this mini-splits is ability to customize. Since most of the systems will have built-in timers and sleep functions, as a result, homeowners can have greater control of heating their homes.

Disadvantages of ductless heating system

Following are few disadvantages too and hence the homeowners must decide which type will be more suitable for their home.

  • Initial installation cost is higher

Though in the longer run, you may get savings due to reduced energy bill and efficient heating system however the initial installation cost may be much higher.

  • Proper placement of the system is very crucial

In order to get better heating, the layout of the room will be very critical and therefore you have to decide its placement very carefully. Otherwise it may not give the desired heating.

  • Aesthetically may not be too appealing

Often due to size and dimensions of the room the visual appeal of this kind of ductless heating system may look little out of place.

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