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Picking Rooflights for Flat Roofs

There are many different considerations to make when choosing a rooflight for a flat roof. You need to consider the materials being used, the size and shape of the rooflight, what you intend the room underneath to be used for and the impact the rooflight will have on this and any adjoining rooms, the aesthetic of the property currently and what you have planned for the property, whether it is an existing roof or a refurbishment and extension project, as well as your budget. These are all important considerations and it is important to have a rooflight supplier to guide you throughout the entire process.

To begin with it is important to understand that there is a big difference between a flat roof and a pitched roof in terms of the style of rooflight and skylight that you can physically have installed. A flat rooflight is designed to help brighten up an extension or any building with a flat roof, bringing in plenty of light to a room that might otherwise be dark inside. You can choose to add an architectural piece, such as a pyramid rooflight onto a flat roof, but in most cases, you will see a fixed flat rooflight for a flat roof extension. For a pitched roof, a skylight can be used to help change the shape and aesthetic of a converted attic space, for example.

The type of glass panel that you use as part of a rooflight is also important. A flat, single pane rooflight is the perfect choice for a flat roof, and is you are thinking about having the option of opening the rooflight. Multi-pane rooflights draw in light from multiple directions and are specifically for flat roof applications only. They can be designed and installed to allow ventilation into the room below.  You can also apply triple glazing in some situations, helping to insulate the heat and to minimise the impact of noise pollution from outside, and from your room to the outside world. It is useful to think about how hot the room might become in the summer month’s though, as it can be difficult to maintain a comfortable room temperature at times with any type of rooflight.

It is nice in some circumstances to have a rooflight that can be opened, increasing the amount of sunlight that the room receives, as well as helping to provide fresh air and ventilation to remove steam, to remove any smells or odours if your kitchen is underneath or in the adjoining room, or simply to cool down a room that has become too warm.

Working with a supplier of flat roof rooflights is important as it ensures you have that expert guidance alongside you throughout a project. If you are working on the installation of a rooflight on a flat roof at your personal home, or a contractor looking for a regular supplier, it is important to have a team of rooflight specialists to offer you expert advice and guidance at all times. This can help you maximise the potential of the rooflight at the property in question and ensure a smooth installation and transition to use.

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