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Essentials of a Good Hot Soak in the Bath

It has been a long day or a long week. Your muscles ache from the built-up stress. One of the best ways to recharge is a long soak in the bath. This activity also offers many health benefits. Do you want to try an uninterrupted “me time” in the bath? What are the essentials to make it successful?

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

You may be ready to make hot soaks as your daily or weekly ritual. First, check if you need a water heater replacement in your Salt Lake City home. It would be frustrating to expect a relaxing time, only to find out that your heater is acting up. Make the necessary upgrade or replacement to ensure maximum enjoyment.

Getting the right temperature of water for your tub spells a big difference. The ideal is something a little above your body temperature. Something lower will make you unsatisfied. But if the water is too hot, it can hurt your skin and make you dizzy.

A Few Drops to Help You Relax

There is a potent power in smell. Aromatherapy oils are incorporated in hot baths because they help to release tension. There is a wide variety of scents that you can choose from. Among the most popular ones are chamomile, lavender, and rose. But it is not as straightforward as you think. Putting random drops in your tub might not give you the best results. There is a right way to do this. Also, be mindful of oils that are off-limits in your hot bath.

The Perfect Ambiance

Your body and mind will take cues from the surroundings. Creating the perfect mood for a relaxing bath is vital. There are things that you must consider:

  • Everybody in your house, children and pets included, must know that you are not to be disturbed. Bask in the stillness of the surrounding.
  • A cluttered bathroom is an eyesore. Make sure that everything is in order before you indulge in your bath.
  • For a relaxed atmosphere, dim lights are the best. If you want something even more relaxing, grab some scented candles and forego the lights.
  • Have a good playlist that covers your whole time in the bath. You would not want to shuffle while you are on the tub. Choose relaxing sounds. If you want a happy bath, have some upbeat songs, instead.

The Pinnacle of Relaxation

Of course, you are not expected to sit idle (or maybe you are) in the tub for the whole duration of your hot bath. The perfect choice of activities will determine the state of relaxation that you will get. Some choose to pamper themselves by attending to their physical needs. Having a facial mask is an example. Bringing a good book as a companion is another popular choice. Cold beverages or a glass of wine can also give a certain level of comfort. Among the activities that you can do, bathtub meditation is one of the most beneficial. This technique can clear your mind off of everything. You focus only on the sensations that the hot bath is giving you.

The Afterglow

The experience does not end when you step out of your tub. Extend it by wrapping yourself up in fluffy towels. Have your most comfortable pajama or nightwear at hand. You may have a small snack or bring a book in bed. Another great option is to doze off.

 A hot soak in the tub is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to de-stress. You only have to be firm and carve in time for this. Self-care is important.

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