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Your Guide to Planning a Poolside Wedding Reception

If you own a fibreglass pool and want to do the wedding reception at home, then a reception by the poolside can be a wonderful idea. During the summer months, when the Sun is out and the weather is pleasant, is the time when people choose to get married.

And what can be more pleasant than having the reception by your pool, allowing people to enjoy a pool party and a wedding reception combined.

But how can you hold the wedding reception by your poolside?

Why Should You Hold The Wedding Reception By Your Poolside

A wedding reception is a gathering where people come together to celebrate the union of two people in marriage. It’s held after the wedding and is a formal party where people get together to celebrate the marriage.

And if you own a fibreglass pool in your home, then that can be the perfect location for your next wedding reception. Picture this – all your guests will be relaxing by your pool, holding a refreshing beverage in their hands. But before you can start planning a poolside reception, there are some things you’ll need to consider first.

Space Restraints

What kind of New Zealand fibreglass pool do you have? How much space do you have in your backyard to throw a reception? How many guests will be coming? If you think your backyard can’t host more than fifty people, and if there are a hundred people coming to the reception. Then you may need to host the reception somewhere else.

Also note that at any point, only about 50% of your guests will be in the pool area. The rest are likely to be in your home.

Depending on how much space you have in your backyard, how you decorate it might differ. One way you can increase space in your pool area is by building a temporary walkway or a bridge that you place across the pool.

Safety Considerations

At a wedding, guests are likely to drink. Open bodies of water and inebriated guests can spell disaster. So if you’re hosting the wedding reception by your pool, consider hiring a lifeguard for the event, as well as security.

Decorating The Pool Area

A wedding reception goes hand in hand with gorgeous decorations. You can adorn your fibreglass pool with flower petals, balloons, and even floating candles. For your wedding reception, the pool will become the focal point. So integrating it into your backyard decor is a good idea.


Do you want to allow people to use the pool? Maybe you’re thinking that after a majority of your guests leave, you could use the pool to wind down. Having a few rafts as well as pool noodles around for the guests who want to use the pool, is a good idea. And when you’re hosting a poolside reception, don’t forget to tell hour guests to bring a swimsuit with them.

Decorating Your Pool For A Wedding Reception

Now that you know that you’ll be hosting the wedding reception by your pool, it’s time to make your pool area look the part. And here are a few ideas on how you can make that happen:

Fairy Lights And Candles

These are especially beautiful should the wedding reception be held after the Sun goes down. You can arrange the poolside with electric candles, and add fairy lights beside them. Surround your pool with these lights, to ward off the pool area while also making the area look stunning. To add an even greater effect, add floating fairy lights to your pool.


You may not want candles or fairy lights by your pool area. Many don’t, for safety considerations. If that’s the case, then balloons can make excellent replacements. And people can also swim in your pool and throw balloons around. While the candles might have inhibited people from using your pool, the balloons won’t.

Pool Noodles

Another fun way to decorate your backyard for the wedding reception is with the help of pool noodles. These are incredibly versatile and can be used to create everything from door stoppers to pool floats. Add pool noodles to your pool decor to encourage people to spend time in the pool water.

Hosting A Great Poolside Wedding Reception

Now that you’ve decorated your backyard, invited all the guests and the wedding is also over, it’s time for the reception. During the reception, guests might want to click pictures, eat food and spend their evening in a pleasant manner.

Here’s what you should consider before sending out the invitations for your poolside wedding reception:

Time Of The Day

When you’re hosting any kind of outdoor event, consider what the weather and the temperature will be like. If you ask your guests to come at noon, it could be too hot outside for a poolside reception.

An event that starts in the evening and goes on till later in the night can be a better idea. The intense heat from the Sun’s rays will have died down, and your guests will be more comfortable by your pool.

Wedding Photos

Make no mistakes, your guests will want to click commemorative pictures on that day. Hiring a professional photographer to work the event might be a good idea.

Consider creating spaces in your backyard that are meant for taking pictures in, for the reception. Many guests will also want to feature your pool in their pictures. With an open-air venue, your guests will be able to take great pictures. Ensure that you have enough lighting in your backyard, for after the Sun goes down.

Food And Drinks

You’ll need to provide your guests with food as well as drinks. Get a few trays that can float on the pool water. Guests who are using the pool can use these trays to keep their drinks in, while they relax in your pool.

You should also consider hiring a caterer for the event. If your backyard has limited space, or if the wedding reception is a small event, you could even host a backyard barbecue. But remember to monitor how much alcohol your guests are consuming. With an open pool next to them, there could be accidents if someone isn’t there to monitor the situation.


Hosting a poolside wedding reception can be a rewarding experience. Your guests will be able to enjoy themselves while using your pool. But to host a wedding reception by your pool, you’ll need to plan carefully. Use this guide to find out how you can do that.

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