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Should I get a heat pump Dryer

There are many things which are instilled in the Australian way of life, such as watching the cricket on Boxing Day, grabbing a snag whenever you visit a Bunnings, and having a Hills Hoist in your back yard. But the times are constantly evolving, and whilst some things might never change, the Great Australian Dream of owning your own home is becoming less of a reality for more and more people. As cost of living is still on the rise and population density continuing to increase in major cities, to realistically buy a house has forced many buyers to move further and further away from the capital city centres.

This is not always a bad thing though, with technology at a point where people can now comfortably work from home in many industries, this flexibility in lifestyle is now becoming a must have for many job hunters.

The other option to purchasing a property is to live on a smaller property, with more and more people residing in units, flats, townhouses, and sub divided properties than ever before. In fact, there has been a movement for some people opting to live in mini houses, where the ecological footprint is minimal, and most functions of the property are self-sustainable, such as solar powered, and no need for natural gas.

With many people heading towards a smaller piece of land this results in not only smaller house sizes but also a diminished outdoor area available to these properties. Luckily there are always plenty of parks and public facilities available to people living in closer proximity, but there are a few things which they will no longer experience.

They will no longer be able to roll the wheelie bin out as the cricket stumps when the Aussies break for lunch on the boxing day test. They will no longer be able to grow their own veggie patch in their own back yard. They will no longer be able to swing off the washing line when you go to help your mum hang out the washing. Luckily there are alternatives to most of these scenarios!

For drying clothes there is always the dryer. These have come a long way since the days of old and are no longer the most expensive appliance to run in your house. In fact modern heat pump dryers have become so efficient that the government energy standards ratings had to be recreated to allow for additional stars and raised from a maximum of 5 to 6 and then to 8 and now 10! That being said if you don’t have the space for both a washing machine and a dryer it might be worth your while looking at a laundry renovation, because the amount of money you will save on your energy bill over the years will be sure to astound you!

Most parks now have cricket nets, as well as plenty of oval space. So there’s always plenty of opportunity to go and play whenever you please.

There are community gardens opening in local councils, providing a place to cultivate and grow your own veggies. Furthermore, the rise in popularity of indoor plants is at an all time high. Some people are ever creating small indoor gardens on their balconies and apartments, and by using synthetic grass are providing the perfect backdrop to protect their floor and enhance the look!

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