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Using Wallpaper Borders that Match you Home Decor

New technology has paved the way for the development of new wallpaper border designs, offering a range of options when it comes to color and style when decorating. Wallpaper borders let you personalize your walls with your chosen inspirational quotes, tasteful artwork, and monogram letters. The use of these borders is common for any space in a home. You put a border through the middle of a wall or about three feet from the floor to separate the wall’s top from the bottom. You can use these accents in many ways to add vitality to any room.

How they Work

If you have two colors of wallpaper, put a color on top and the other on the bottom with the border covering up the place where they meet. Consider having a plain or striped pattern on the top and a flowered pattern on the bottom. Another option is to have the top part of the wall painted and wallpaper on the bottom. The border will make an enticing blend between those styles. In some homes, the borders are used to separate two different wall colors. A lot of people use them for giving the look of a high wall by putting a border around one foot from the ceiling.

Using Wallpaper Borders

These borders continue to have a place in eclectic interior design. The great thing about them is that they are usually self-adhesive that makes them easy to experiment with them.

Here’s how to use these borders:

  • On the stairway. You just have to cut every wallpaper border to the size of your stairs and attach to every riser. Whenever you walk up the stairs, a beautiful design will greet you. Just avoid going overboard with funky designs. Ensure you have a theme you can stick with.
  • In the bathroom. Is your bathroom’s backsplash is not stimulating enough? If so, consider wallpaper borders. These borders can add an additional pop of color and personality that can help your bathroom stand out from other rooms in your house. Pick a breathable and moisture-resistant product to prevent mold and mildew from developing in those borders.
  • In your kid’s bedrooms. You can add the borders on ceilings, midway on the walls, or on the baseline. They are an excellent way to make your child love colors and designs. Consider letting your child choose their preferred design and explore their creative potentials.

Choosing Borders

Wallpaper borders are available in various designs from ordinary to etched and raised patterns. You can find borders in white colors and those that can be painted any color you desire to match your home décor . Also, these borders vary in width; however, they are generally around eight inches.

How to Place the Borders

Putting on the borders is quite easy since their back has glue that sticks to the wall or other paper when it’s wet. Also, there are peel and stick borders that don’t require any water. Just peel off the backing and attach the border to the wall. And if you make a mistake, you can easily remove and attach them again.

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