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Using Paper in Products That Save Money and Save the World

On the cloudiest of days on the planet, news and media make it seem like the world is just a war zone for paper, plastic, and oil. Where plastic and oil are allies with a cold war. Despite the fact that the world seems to favor all three, for the people who do not want to go to mars, it is important that over plastic and oil, at least plastic should lose its trail of dead nature. Paper, in the form of thick packaging cardstock for postcards and notepads, is just the knockout hero in this war that can actually replace both plastic and oil.

Plastic, which is holding on to the industry like packaging, daily use products, construction, credit or debit card, computers, phones, and all the stock of stationery on your table, even the table in some homes! Oil is the supporting ally in the creation of these products, their transport, and partly convicted for ecological destructive construction methods.

Paper and other fibers like it can change the way we utilize resources. Paper can replace. It’s been suggested in a study on how paper and its by-products have made it to over 5000 products including hospital supplies like surgical masks, gowns, gauze, bandages, eye-wear frames, and even eco-friendly coffins. Here are the paper products that can save the planet and resources-

Paper in Health-care and Medicine

According to the western journal of medicine disposable waste from hospitals is not stopping despite the landfill issues. There are hundreds of hospital supplies that use plastics, PVC, and polymers to operate cure, and serve patients. Most of which can’t be used a second time, since there is not enough time to sterilize every syringe, tube, and feeding plates.

That said, paper has to intervene and increase the production of hospital supplies that even if disposed to the ground, do not harm the soil. Many new innovations are already being used in many eco-friendly hospitals around the world. Medical toolboxes, operating plates, gloves, masks, towels, and containment panels are already being produced and promoted by people. More thought is being put to construct paper by-products that can efficiently replace the plastic syringes and tubes.

Paper for Storage and Packaging

The one sphere that paper can totally take-over from plastic, can be general packaging and storage. Recycling and treating recycled paper has resulted in different kinds of eco-friendly materials that can be used for the storage and packaging of goods. Daily use storage containers such as bowls, boxes, purses, shopping bags, and even water bottles can be made out of recycled paper from newspapers, magazines, and other waste paper.

Paper bowls that are intricately weaved or folded into shape using newspaper or recycled paper materials can be used in every way to store dry products like the bowl for nuts or cookies on the coffee table or for storing your jewelry or watches by the bedside. Water bottles and liquid storage containers designed by Paper Water Bottle and BrandImage are excellent examples of paper being used to save the world by reducing plastic usage and decreasing carbon footprints.

Paper in Furnishing, Stationery, and Home Decor

An eco-friendly home is not entirely eco-friendly, till you’re using dozens of plastic products inside your home and being a consumer of precious tree wood, which also consumes oil for getting raw-material and processing it. How would you feel about yourself, if you knew that your duvet is made of recycled paper? Paper does have the ability to be turned into materials as tough as wood, and be turned into furniture and other stuff made of wood, like speakers. Paper wood is the new trend in eco-friendly, furnishing, and construction material.

Not only with the furnishing, paper is also being used to make stationery items, but the recycled paper pencils are also already saving a significant amount of woodcutting. The pens, pen holders, lampshades, mathematical and physics tools like rulers, protractors, and dividers are being made out of paper. Decor items used inside the house with or without occasion have several options to choose from when it comes to papercraft. Most of these craft materials like chart paper, origami paper, and paper shapes are made out of recycled material. You can go to DIY videos on the web to use these materials efficiently, elegantly, and beautifully.

Paper and its byproducts are excellent for the replacement of many plastic products that have a hard time decomposing. Using products made of paper not only reduces your carbon footprint but also makes sure you don’t spend too much on common products.

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