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Tips to Keep in Mind when Growing Cannabis

For those who are growing cannabis for the first time, the job can seem quite overwhelming, especially as they can find so much information both online and offline. As a newcomer, you would love to know some tips from those who have been there.

Below are some tips for growing cannabis that you should try this year:

Know How Much Lighting your Plant Needs

In the vegetative state, your plants must be left under the sun as much as 18-22 hours per day. This will let them experience a good deal of growth and progress. When the plants move on to the flowering stage, the new growers will stumble and you need to reduce the amount of light they get down to 12 hours every day. Keep in mind that darkness triggers plant growth in this stage. If you keep your photo-flowering plants in constant light, they will be kept in the vegetative stage. If you grow cannabis outdoors, the light and dark requirement will naturally be regulated by the season. But, your plants can also be placed in darkness to help them out. You can learn more about this at Gardens of Cascade.

Reduce Fertilizer Use

If your plants reach the growing stage, you must reduce the nutrients they get. Cannabis requires minimal nutrients to survive. They should be given just enough to prevent vitamin deficiencies and they can take care of themselves. Too many nutrients can trigger “nutrient burn,” which begins at the tip of the leaves and will slowly spread when the condition is not addressed right away.

Choose the Right Growing Medium

Cannabis plants do best when planted in something that does not retain too much moisture after watering. For instance, you can use a sandy soil that stays drier to get a better yield than clay soil that retains the majority of the moisture given during watering.

Pick Strain Wisely

You must think carefully about the kind of plant you want before you start planting. For example, some strains produce purple buds while others provide you with bright green buds. Likewise, some plants tend to mature quickly while others take longer.

Moreover, cannabis strains tend to vary in terms of the plants’ size, the aroma of the buds, the concentration of various compounds, and the impacts a person experiences after consuming them.  Keep in mind that resistance to adverse conditions like overfeeding, diseases, pests, extreme heat or cold, and underfeeding also varies by strain. Thus, you need to do your research in terms of the various strains available and choose the most suitable strain for you.

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