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Spring Cleaning Your Dryer

Happy spring cleaning! As we approach the warmer half of the year and the sun helps us to better see the smudgy walls and grimy cupboard doors, it’s time to dive deep into the grossest parts of your home and give them a good scrubbing. Today, though, let’s take a look at your dryer. Yes, even though it produces heat and is where clean clothes come out of, it is still an appliance like any other and needs to be sanitized and cleaned out every so often as well.

Dryer Vents

When left uncleaned for a long period of time, your dryer vents can become a highly flammable danger zone thanks to a buildup of lint. Make sure that you’re regularly cleaning them out and checking the outside opening for any obstructions like animal nests or general brush and yard debris. Clear anything you see visually and go back indoors to take a physical look at the dryer vents.

Unplug the dryer and disconnect the hose from the back. You can use a dryer vent cleaning draper or wand to help you unclog any buildup, but the easiest way is to simply vacuum out the offending lint. An air compressor does the trick of blowing it out and the two combined work quite well.

Lint Traps

You already know to clean out your lint trap after every use, but what about the gunky buildup that could be accumulating inside of it? If you notice that your laundry is taking a lot longer to dry, then this could be a big sign that you need to deep clean your lint trap and its inside. Clean off the layer of lint and pour a small amount of water over the trap. If it pools instead of leaks through, fabric softener could be causing a greasy buildup on your trap. Clean it with hot, soapy water and vacuum out the place where the insert goes.


Generally speaking, the drum of the dryer should be relatively clean, but when you’ve just run a load of super-dirty clothes or your pet’s bedding, there might be more grit or hair inside of it than usual. Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe out what you can visibly see and use a mild all-purpose solution to get any stains or bits that look particularly iffy.

Fresher Laundry

Ultimately what you’re looking for is fresh, clean laundry, right? Proper care and maintenance of your dryer can help keep it smelling and feeling clean for a long time.

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