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We find ourselves calling plumbers and other experts to solve plumbing issues in our houses every once in a while. You can stay safe from all this hustle by ensuring the problem does not escalate. Overseeing specific measures will make you save a lot of money also. You will spend a lot of time and money repairing damaged drains. Even though it is challenging to deal with these issues completely, some strategies will enable you to lower their occurrence. Below, we will discuss some. Contact Austin plumbers for all the problems concerning your drainage.

  1. Clean the pipes once a month

As time flies, your pipes will have an accumulation of hair and grease. You are required to utilize cleaners that are non-corrosive to eliminate any grime. Also, you can mix baking soda and hot water and pour the mixture into the drains. Not only does it wash the drainage, but it also eliminates any foul smell. You are required to ensure your sink is free from any hair.

  1. Repair any issue

Pipes and sewer lines often have issues, and you should fix this problem as soon as they occur and not wait for it to reoccur.  It is advisable to take immediate action because you will save more money than when the issue becomes more significant. Several factors might cause these problems to reoccur, and some include structural problems in the pipe. It will help to have a camera installed in the drain to monitor what is going on.

  1. Ensure the drains are flushed frequently

You will eliminate stubborn oils and other products by using hot water. It will help to flush these drains on many occasions using vinegar and hot water. Some pipes do not receive colossal water amounts, meaning they won’t eliminate the debris. You can sort this by flashing massive water amounts frequently down the drains.

  1. Avoid releasing grease down the drain

Most of us have grown in strict families where dumping grease in the drains is highly condemned. You should collect the grease and eliminate it. This is important because grease is among the worst substances you can introduce to the drain. It becomes sticky after it dries making other substances get stuck on it.

  1. Avoid dumping things in the drain

You should dispose of your things in the correct places and not in the drains. Such things include hair and cotton substances. You should take them out to the trash cans. One of the main causes of clogs in the pipes is hair. You should ensure it does not reach the drain by utilizing a mesh to cover these drains. Remember to cover the laundry room also.

  1. Install hose screens

Suppose you have a washing machine and you want it to last longer, you should put hose screens in place to prevent the accumulation of sediments in the valves. Clean these screens at least thrice a year.


Even though it is hard to eliminate plumbing issues, you can put the above strategies to use, and you will have an easy time while looking after the drains.

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