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Get Organized This Spring with These Ideas

The coronavirus pandemic might still be dampening our spirits, but there’s no doubt spring has given many people renewed hope. Or, at least, an excuse to pick up a hobby, do some spring cleaning, and get organized.

With so many things going on at home, work, or school, it can be hard to keep track of everything. The line between work and home life has completely blurred, making people more vulnerable to stress and anxiety.

If you find yourself cooped up at home and overwhelmed by basically everything going on in your life, one thing you can do is start decluttering your home and organizing everything, from your pantry down to the files on your laptop.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve rounded up some ideas to help you get started:

  1. Overhaul your garage 

Many people are working or studying at home, and with everyone sharing the house, space can be an issue. If you happen to have a garage you don’t use much, you can transform it into your very own workshop. Start by decluttering your garage and attach hooks to keep tools and other items off the floor. Consider adding overhead shelves, as well. Then, clear up some space for a workbench, crafts table, or whatever you need the space for.

  1. Organize your fridge and pantry 

Have you been stocking up on food that would last for a couple of weeks to a month? Make sure you’re not wasting any food by organizing your pantry and fridge. You can print expiration dates for the pantry to make sure you use up your supplies before they expire. Keep fruits and vegetables fresh and crisp by storing them separately in zip-top bags or airtight containers. Make sure you keep apples and citrus fruits away as they produce gases that cause other fruits and veggies to ripen or rot faster.

  1. Schedule your bills payment 

Working from home for too long can sometimes feel like time isn’t running at all or that you hardly notice it passing. It’s easy to forget paying a bill or two since deadlines and due dates have been shoved to the back burner. But this could lead to further stress, especially once the late payment charges and disconnection notices come pouring in. You must be still current on your financial responsibilities, be it your mortgage or credit card bill, so they don’t pile up. It’s good to have written down and digital reminders that repeat periodically so that you don’t forget.

  1. Try the Inbox Zero hack 

Getting burnt out at work or tired of combing through emails? The Inbox Zero is an email management activity that seeks to declutter your inbox and get rid of unnecessary messages. The main goal is to keep your inbox empty at all times, but it doesn’t necessarily equate to deleting your messages. It’s all about labeling, triaging, and organizing your inbox so that your primary inbox only shows important or urgent emails. The rest will go on folders that you can’t look at any time during the day. Not only does this system boost your productivity, but it’s also a fun and therapeutic activity that helps clear the mind. You can also explore productivity apps that keep your files and tasks organized, as well as time management systems like the Pomodoro Technique.

  1. Declutter your bathroom

For some people, especially moms, the bathroom serves as a personal sanctuary, an escape from domestic woes and screaming children. And with the work from home arrangements, any part of the home could remind you of work, which can be stress- and anxiety-inducing. The bathroom can be the last space that could give you comfort and temporary relief. That said, you deserve a bathroom that’s clean, organized, and relaxing.

To achieve this, start by cleaning it up from top to bottom. Throw out empty bottles and other things you don’t need. Organize your medicine cabinet or shelves and replenish items you like, such as bath bombs, your favorite skincare products, and the like. You can even introduce some aromatherapy with dried lavender, eucalyptus leaves, or scented candles.

Spring can be an energizing time, but to make the most of it, you’d need to free your home (and even your work and personal life) of the clutter you’ve accumulated the past year. Easing these burdens and getting a fresh start can help bring back the spring in your step to go through the year focused and productive. Try these simple organizing hacks and expand to other things in your life that are getting overwhelming.

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