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How to Hang a Tapestry a Variety of Ways

If you want to decorate a blank wall and you are looking for something different, why not go with a tapestry? Instead of painting or wallpapering, find a unique piece of art that enhances the look of your room. These wonderful pieces of art add colour, energy and texture to your interior. If you’re planning on buying tapestry or you’ve just made a purchase, the next step is learning how to hang the item.

Pushpins or Nails

If you’ve just received your new tapestry artwork from, you are probably trying to decide how you are going to hang it on the wall. The easiest way to hang a tapestry is to use nails or pushpins, depending on the weight of the object. If the tapestry is quite large, you may want to consider using nails to secure it to the wall. If it is heavy and the fabric is thick, pushpins may not effectively hold it in place. Try not to use thumbtacks, they don’t look good and they aren’t strong enough to hold your tapestry for long periods.

You can attach a row of nails evenly across the top of the tapestry when you hang it. This gives it a straight look when you attach it to the wall. Try to space each nail out evenly, so it doesn’t take away from the piece.

Using a Frame

Instead of directly fitting your tapestry to the wall, you can set it upon a wood frame or board. You can pin the fabric to the wall like you would a painting, using a board or frame as your back piece. All you have to do is stretch and fold the tapestry over the wood frame and attach it to the frame using a staple gun. When fitting the tapestry with a staple gun, be careful not to damage the item as you fix it to the wood.

Attach it with Velcro

So, you’ve decided to order a stylish new tapestry and you live in a rental property. If you start to nail the tapestry to the wall your landlord probably won’t be best pleased with your efforts. You’ll want to avoid using nails or pushpins, so your best option is to get your hands on some self-adhesive Velcro tape. You’ll avoid putting any holes in the walls and you won’t have any issues with your landlord.

Use a Rod

Another great way to hang your tapestry is to use a rod. This is similar to hanging a curtain, you attach a rod across the top of the wall and hang it over the pole. You can use a rod to hang tapestries that have pockets in the back.

Buying tapestry is a great investment, if you don’t own your home, you can easily take it down and transport it to your next destination. You’ve many options when it comes to hanging the tapestry as you can see above. Assess your piece when it arrives to see what why to best hang the piece, so it stays in place without any issues.

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