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Do You Need to Replace the Roof on Your Manufacturing Plant?

When you need to replace your commercial roof, you will know it, especially after taking an assessment. This evaluation is important as it will give you an estimate of the extent of damage and allow you to choose the best covering.

Determining Replacement Costs

When you review commercial roofing prices in Perth, all this information is essential to a roof replacement. To determine your replacement costs, you need to assess the age of the roof, the use of the building, and the amount of damage. Factor in climate concerns, your own company’s financial expectations, and energy requirements.

By performing an assessment beforehand, you can determine the amount of water infiltration and the uplift or movement of the roof membrane. You can also check any structural or decking issues and review any possible benefits from a current warranty. By assessing your roof’s condition, you can find the best price for your roof at the best value.

Have You Had Problems with Leaking?

If you notice water infiltration or you have had problems with leaks in the past, you need to have the roof inspected for moisture in the building and roofing system. Whilst the membrane may appear to be in good shape, moisture from leaks can get trapped in the membrane. To learn more about this moisture absorption, have several samples of the roof taken for review.

This information will also help the roofing contractor see how many layers of the roofing system are in place. If moisture is found in the insulation after a roof inspection, you definitely will need to replace your roof.

Do You Have Water Marks Inside Your Building?

A roofing inspector should also check for damage to the building’s interior, such as water marks or bad ceiling tiles. Damage on the exterior may include punctures or holes in the roof. These holes are not made by water but by foot traffic by the trades, such as the HVAC repair technician or similar person.

The visual condition of the roofing membrane will give you a major idea of its pliability and whether severe Australian winds have caused some uplift. The corners, seams, and parapets should all be investigated when determining the need for an installation or repair.

As noted, you also have to consider the condition of the roof deck. If you find substantial damage, you will need to tear off the roof and re-roof. Prolonged accumulation of moisture in the assemblies and decks of a roof can trigger issues with mould. Have an HVAC contractor check the airflow of the HVAC unit to check the effect on the decking.

After these inspections are made, you will know how much you may have to pay and what type of roof you need to install.



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