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Design Ideas For Your Home Office

If you are part of the growing remote-work crowd, then the home office is your creative space. Therefore, the decor should complement your style as well as be a source of inspiration. You can remodel the smallest of rooms in your house to still end up with a fantastic and fully-functional space to work, with the right decor and furniture pieces.

  1. Define your space

Any spare room in your house could be turned into a functional home office, be it an extra bedroom, an attic, or space off of the living room. You should locate your home office in a place where you can concentrate. For instance, if your focus is better stimulated by noise, space next to the kitchen or the children’s play den would be better compared to a quiet basement.

Creating a floor plan will help you make better use of the available space you have. Once you have determined where you will place everything, take measurements of where you will place the furniture. When it comes to buying a desk, chair, or storage solution, consider stores such as ferm LIVING, to turn your office into a space of inspiration.

  1. Use what you have

While decluttering your house, you will probably come across furniture that you can use in your new home office. You might be surprised the difference old pictures stacked away in a box can make. They can be both decorative and inspiring. Nevertheless, there are numerous DIY ideas for home office furniture which can save you time, money, and effort. For instance, place a board across two filing cabinets to create a desk.

  1. Ensure there is plenty of light

Lighting is essential for ambiance and concentration while working in the home office. Optimize natural light sources to give your workspace an open and airy feel. Declutter the areas around windows and buy shears that allow daylight to penetrate through. Some studies reveal that there is a direct correlation between sunlight and boosting creativity levels. Therefore, ensure you have ample sunlight flowing freely through the room. Use lamps to brighten up the space and install whole-room illumination for when you work late.

  1. Get organized

Storage is very important when setting up a functional home office. Avoid clutter and disorganization by utilizing space-saving storage ideas. For instance, add sturdy shelves to the walls to neatly store your work files and books. Have a defined place for where you keep everything, to make things easier to find throughout the day.

  1. Decorate the walls

Studies have proven a direct link to colors, mood, and focus. You might be surprised at the difference painting your walls will make. Neutral and subtle hues will create a relaxed atmosphere, while vibrant tones and patterns inspire motivation. Remember to incorporate pieces of appealing art to inspire some creativity and visual inspiration to your home office.

  1. Introduce plants

Plants are a great way to inject vitality into a room. Opt for indoor hanging plants if you are limited on space. Indoor plants accentuate your color palette and breathe life into your working space.


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