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5 Key Questions to Ask Before Buying a Penthouse Apartment

Having your own penthouse apartment brings prestige, luxury and ultimate comfort. You gain peace of mind knowing you won’t be disturbed by your neighbours and you’ll have access to a private pool and other first-class amenities. Having the top floor in any development is beneficial, but it also comes with a unique layout that you must be aware of when buying.

  1. Will it be vulnerable to the weather?

If you’ve been looking at penthouses with a private pool in Laguna, Phuket or in other locations around Thailand, you probably haven’t thought much about the unique problems that some owners face. The penthouse is on the top floor of the building, so the roof is exposed to the elements more than other apartments. If you are buying a used unit, you should ask about its history. If you’ve decided to go for a new development, question what they’ve used as roofing material.

  1. Can you extend the property?

Although you’ll have plenty of room in a penthouse apartment, you may wish to expand the space in the future. In some places this isn’t possible, but with others, you have the option of buying the apartment below or extending out to the side of the building. You should speak to other buyers to gauge their willingness to sell in the future, you want to keep your options open when it comes to growth potential.

  1. Can you customise the apartment?

If you are buying off plan or into a site which is in the process of being built, you should make enquiries about personalisation. Penthouse apartments already come with a huge number of perks. They give you access to your own swimming pool, jacuzzi, entertainment spaces and more, but you can sometimes go that extra mile and add features which will be unique to your apartment. Most developers will give you some leeway when you purchase a penthouse apartment.

  1. Will other residents have access to the roof?

You’re buying a penthouse apartment, so it should offer absolute privacy and seclusion. But some developers build projects that allow other residents to access the roof and intrude on your space. Although you won’t have people looking in at the top of the building, you may be disturbed by others if the floor plan isn’t done right.

  1. How is the view from the penthouse?

There are two main reasons to buy a penthouse – bragging rights and the view. Before you buy a place, have a look at the plans or visit the complex to see what the view is like from above. You don’t want to be looking at a construction site a few years down the road.

Investing in a penthouse apartment or any luxury apartment is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you are thinking of buying a place in an off-plan development, do some research on the real estate company to learn more about their track record. It is always a good sign if they’ve been involved in numerous successful projects.

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