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What is the Hamptons Style Interior Design?

The Hamptons style of interior design continues to grow as one of the most popular design themes, not only on the East Coast of the U.S.A., but around the world especially in Australia. And why wouldn’t it be popular? When styled correctly, a Hamptons home exudes a calming and relaxed beach vibe mixed with a sophisticated elegance. It’s hard to find fault with that. A Hamptons interior design aesthetic can be easily accomplished in a home’s large open rooms by painting the walls white, adding oversized furniture and decorative-patterned pillows boasting bright sea greens and shades of blue. It can be harder, however, to pull off this look in a smaller bedroom. With that being said, let’s explore some of the fundamental basics of Hamptons interior design in an effort to help you execute a perfectly designed Hamptons bedroom in your coastal themed home. 

  • Colors: you cannot go wrong with white. Paint your walls a shade of white to deliver that crisp, clean, light and airy feel you want your room to have. Other common colors in this style category are shades of yellow, green and blue, with of course Duck Egg blue being an extremely popular choice. Also safe, are neutrals including soft greys; it is also common to pair neutral colors with navy or another shade of blue. This interior design concept ultimately evokes a nautical theme, so don’t be afraid to use blue. The floors can be stone or wood either stained with a light, weathered or dark finish to make a statement. It should bring aspects of the outside inside and incorporate organic colors found in nature.
  • Materials: incorporate a lot of texture and use linens, cottons, wool. Adding organic materials for rugs like Sisal and Jute are great choices when done in neutral colors. The bedding should be ultra lush and comfortable, and white, is always a good choice. Add lots of pillows and accent pillows that have different patterns but stay in the same color palette. Look for pillows with exaggerated edging, ruffles and piping to add more texture to the bedroom. 
  • Furniture: oversized furniture is a staple of hamptons design and a hamptons bedroom should have a large wood bed or a tall upholstered bed as the focal point of the room. Neutral colors bring the outdoors inside while still maintaining a sophistication throughout the space. A bench placed in front of the bed is common and adding a sitting area with occasional chairs and accent pillows adds to the overall look. White night stands and a grand chest or dresser are a must. And if the space allows for a sideboard or side table, it will give you the opportunity to display beautiful art work or nautical themed knick-knacks. A beautiful mirror that reflects the natural light from the windows is a great option, and don’t be afraid to invest in a chandelier to hang in the middle of the room. 

Room Ideas

The “exaggerated-sophistication” Hampton bedroom

Start with a tufted headboard upholstered in white linen and cover it with luxurious white or off white sheets and a plush comforter, duvet or quilt. Place a neutral colored throw blanket on the end of the bed and adorn the top of the bed with textured pillows of the same palette. Place a bench in front of the bed and top with another textured decorative pillow. Place two weathered grey nightstands on each side of the bed and top with glass table lamps with white or ivory linen shades. Depending on the room shape and size, position a weathered grey dresser in the room showcasing a mirror or painting. Place a neutral colored, hand woven rug made from a natural material such as wool or Jute, a quarter of the way under the bed leaving a large amount of the textile exposed. Last, look for a chandelier to top off the look. 

The “tailored-minimalist” Hampton bedroom 

Start with a tall wood headboard and corresponding footboard. In this scenario the wood is light in color. Again, adorn the bed with white linens and pillows but go for a minimalist approach and don’t overdue the bedding or add to many decorative pillows. Do skip the bench in this hamptons bedroom, but don’t skip the light wood or natural looking matching nightstands on each side of the bed. Add a dresser that either matches the design or color palette of the night stands, and some framed prints of something naturally found in nature above the bed or dresser.A white shag rug in the center of the room will add texture, and you can even incorporate a sitting chair and side table off to the side of the bed. Finish the room with a simple chandelier made of a natural material or finished in a natural color to truly complete this look.

You are now  ready to build and design your dream hamptons bedroom. Keep it light and airy and add pops of color where you can, but try not to overdue. Make it a space you want to spend time in and relax, so make sure to pick comfortable bedding and furniture. Your coastal escape awaits, happy designing. 

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