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Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring

Now that winter is almost over it’s time to start looking forwards to the warmth and excitement of spring. With warmer days, brighter evenings and new life, spring is a wonderful time to refresh certain things within your life. The home is often a place that becomes a little dull and lifeless over the wintertime, with lots of bad weather and lack of motivation to carry out specific DIY tasks. With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to embrace the new season and give your home a new lease of life.

Spring Clean

It goes without saying that the end of winter to beginning of spring are the best times to carry out a spring clean. During the winter, we see a lot of build-up of clutter and rubbish within the home. From leftover Christmas items, to extra blankets and other random items that have been building up over the busy periods. Try to filter through all of the items that don’t usually belong in areas such as the living room and kitchen and sort them back into their usual homes. Whether that’s putting thick wintery cushions and throws into the loft until the autumn arrives, or simply sorting through the build-up of chocolate tins that you’re sure you’ll use again but know deep down they’re going to take up valuable space. Once you’ve sorted through the mess, you’ll instantly feel your homes atmosphere lift, with more space to work with.

Update Hardware

One feature that’s consistent throughout the house is hardware. From door handles and knobs, to light switches and locks, there are so many different hardware pieces around the house that you’ll overlook every single day. By replacing your existing hardware, such as the door handles, for new shiny pieces you’ll notice a sudden lift within the room, giving it a new lease of life. Whether you’re opt for a completely new look, or you switch up the material and colour, you can create a new look that will have a really positive effect on your interiors. You can find some beautiful door handle designs online at GJohns, with different finishes to choose from to find the perfect fit for your décor.

Inject Colour

Whilst you may be happy with the current aesthetic within your home, there may be room to inject a little colour to brighten up the area. Colour can instantly bring a room to life, adding a positive touch to the décor and often complementing a room beautifully. Many people opt for a subtle colour for the main focus of the room, with added splashes of colour introduced through soft furnishings, artwork and other decorative pieces. You can really enhance your overall décor with a touch of colour, especially when used in a way that complements the style you already have.

Embrace Nature

Nature is by far one of the main focus when people think of spring. Whether you think about the new life that’s being welcomed into the world, or the wonderful display of flowers that start to peep through the ground and cover the ground in colour. To really refresh your home for the spring, you should look at introducing some new plants or flowers for your interiors, as not only do they help to create a lovely focal point, but they come with a lot of health benefits too. From purer air, to general positive energy, houseplants and flowers can really help to boost your mood and create a really homely feel within any room.

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