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Want to Personalise Your Home? Try Frames!

Having own house is a dream of almost everyone. However, a home is a lifetime journey. Every day, certain things are added and removed to make the house look beautiful, but there’s one thing most people ignore and that is the walls! Personalizing the walls is one of the things you can do to beautify your home.

Every single wall of the house reflects your personality and gives a feeling of safety and comfort. Hence, they deserve to be treated specially. However, some consider it to be a waste of money. So, as a solution, we are here to tell you how you can decorate your walls using your pre-existing personal pictures or other picture frames you have bought.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind –

  • Avoid picture flood

Pictures are the precious moments of life captured on a piece of paper. They can take you to a time where you can never return as a person. However, a tsunami of pictures neither feels right nor looks good. Therefore, always put a minimum number of pictures and only the one you can display publicly.

  • Maintain individuality

Every individual, whether living or non-living has something to tell. Hence, put pictures that are connected to each other. Moreover, putting random pictures can make the wall/room look less clean and sophisticated.

  • Framing

Make sure all the pictures in the room or on the wall have the same frame color and texture. This would give uniformity to the room and enhance the look.

  • Make the walls speak for like

Like we said earlier, your walls speak about you and your choices are reflected by them. Hence, maintain the quality of walls.

  • Don’t leave the walls unwanted

If painting the walls looks like a costly task then create a picture effect so that the unused wall also looks stylish.

  • Don’t be an old-school

Yeah! You heard us right. There are a lot of ways simple pictures, photographs or other frames can be modified according to your heart’s desire. However, it should be creative and should meet the values or quality of the house.

At last, all we would like to say is pictures of our good days act as an inspiration and bad day acts as a morality enhancer in our life. Hence, they should be cherished properly.

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