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Types Of Doors You Can Buy For Your Home

If you have built a new home and are looking to set the best doors for your home, you are at the right place. We are here to guide you with every door that you are going to buy, whether it is for your main entrance, living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or anywhere.

But first, you should set your budget considering all the service charges, taxes, etc. And then, start looking for the doors. You need different doors for different rooms or entrances. There are many options for doors available in the market. Here is the list of types of doors that you can buy for your home as per your need.

Timberwood Doors

These doors are mainly used at the entrance of the home. Timber wood doors always give the most elegant look to the house. If you install this door in your home, it will give you the vibe of wrought iron entry doors. You can design it in your own way, and it can easily be made by any local craftsmen in your area.

Paneled Doors

Paneled doors are super cool doors that will create a unique impression of your home. Its design is unique, as it has a frame feature in the door. This frame part of the door is constructed of wood, and the inner shutter panel is designed either with plywood, hard boards, or wood.

Moreover, in the panels of the frame, glass is set to give an aesthetic look. You can fit this type of door in your living room or in the room that opens up to the garden or backyard.

Bifold Doors

These types of doors are very light in weight and can easily be folded to open the space or unfolded to close the area. Bifold doors are often used in kitchen spaces and utility rooms or are used to cover closets. Some people design these Bifold doors with glass materials or by adding steel frames in them.

Hinged Doors

The most common doors are the Hinged doors which are often known as passage doors. This type of door is installed with hinges at one side, which makes them easy to swing. These doors cost comparatively less than other doors and come in every material, such as wood, plywood, etc. If you have a restricted budget, you can choose this door for your home. And to match it with your home interior, you can design it in your way or even paint it with complementing colors.

Sliding Doors

These doors are often used as exterior doors either on the back or on the balcony side of the home. You can also set them up to separate the two sections of the home if you want. These are mostly made of glass to give you the beautiful look of the outside.

Moreover, you can find Sliding doors made of steel, wood, plywood, etc. As per the material used, you can choose the space where you want to install them. For example, if you want the sliding doors to cover your closet or want to make it fit in the wardrobe, you can opt for the wood or plywood one.

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are modern-style doors. It has a feature that you won’t find in any other door, i.e., it can be opened from both sides. Basically, both of its sides can turn and rotate. Majorly, you will find Pivot doors made of glass and bordered by wood, plywood, or even steel.


Hence, these are some of the types of doors that you can choose for your home. To you, all doors might look equal, but there are differences in their size, shape, quality, material, etc. So before finalizing any particular door, know your requirements, and see if it fulfills your expectations or not.

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