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Three Perks of a Murphy Bed

You surely have seen those Murphy beds on your favorite sitcom. Those beds that fold up into the wall, often humorously pinning the hero or one of their friends between the bed and the wall. Everyone knows what they are, yet have you ever considered buying one for your home?

You should! A Murphy bed is easy to build and is sure to help you get the most out of your space. From making Spring Cleaning easier to finally getting some use out of that spare bedroom, a Murphy bed is sure to make your home roomier and more functional.

  1. They Free Up Space

Be honest: during the day, how often do you really use your bed? Maybe you throw a few shirts on it as you’re picking out your outfit for the day sure, but would you really miss it if it disappeared for the duration of the day? Wouldn’t it be better to have that space free for cleaning, or just so your room doesn’t feel as cramped? With the extra room of a Murphy bed, you could set up a workspace, a few extra chairs for lounging with loved ones, or finally, get those pesky dust bunnies you haven’t been able to vacuum up.

This is especially useful for shared bedrooms. If you have multiple little ones sharing a room a Murphy bed takes up less space and, if secured properly, is safer than a bunk bed. No need to worry about the structural integrity of the bed or kids rolling off in the middle of the night.

  1. Tiny Houses Become Roomier

Are you a soon-to-be tiny house owner? Then a Murphy bed is basically a must-have in your floor plan! Tiny houses are all about maximizing your space and having every piece of furniture double or even triple as something else. In this case, your bed could double as a bed as a wall when it’s folded up! You can pin calendars, pictures, and other important papers to the bottom of the Murphy bed, ready to be used in the morning; out of the way while you’re sleeping, and available to use while you’re awake.

  1. Great for Multipurpose Rooms

While some people are just fine having a guest bedroom that goes unused for months at a time, plenty of other families would be happy to repurpose that space when there are no guests over! If you have an extra bedroom that you hardly use, replacing the bed with a Murphy bed would allow you to use that room for other things. You can put in a desk and chair to turn it into a home office, add some bookcases and lounge chairs to create a personal library, or put in some toyboxes and dollhouses to make it a playroom just for the kiddos. When you have guests over, the extra furniture is moved off to the side or into the closet, and the bed can come down. Once they’re gone, the bed is locked up again and the furniture goes back to how it was.

Murphy beds allow you to maximize your space and convert entire rooms so they can serve multiple purposes. They’re safe, secure, and ideal for families of all sizes.

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