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Reducing stress during a move

Congratulations on the new opportunity of moving to a new state!Now comes the hard part: actually moving to your new home. This comes with excitement but the process of moving can ruin your joy especially if it’s your first time or you have pets to move with. The biggest mistake you can do is to do the move yourself. The prudent thing to do is to engage a professional moving company that will help you prepare and guide you through the process.

Read more and learn a few tips on how to reduce stress during a move

Plan well

It is very important to take the time and plan well for your move. Do not just wait for moving day and be on your way. This can turn out to be very discouraging as you can later realize that many things are not in place. Prepare everything that is required for your travel, from packaging, means of transport, and even finances. Moving requires a good bit of money to cover the transport, food, and for rent in case you are yet to get a new house. If possible, take some time off from your job and prepare. Write a resignation letter to your employer. Do not just leave quietly, you may need a recommendation from them in the future. Plan for everything and make sure to inform your friends and neighbors that you will be moving.

Get packing boxes

You need to have as many boxes as possible to enable you to pack all your items. You can buy these boxes or get them from friends and neighbors.  These will help in moving delicate items like utensils. Boxes will allow you to label your items as you pack.

Keep your valuable items safe

It can beincredibly stressful to lose items like a wedding ring, your ID card, passport, title deeds, and other valuable documents. This can deprive you of the excitement and joy that comes with moving to a new place. Keep them in a well-guarded purse or in a safe where you can easily retrieve them when needed.

Clear your calendar

Cancel all the appointments you had placed to concentrate on preparations. Take some time off from your normal duties to pack. If you are working and you have not yet been released by your boss, request a day off to prepare yourself for the journey ahead of you.

Come up with deadlines

Create a deadline for your planning, packing and set the time for departure. This will help you prepare for your move, finish up with your visa and other necessary documents.  Give yourself ample time to do all the necessary things and avoid the last-minute rush.

Get the moving company in time

Do not wait for the last minute. Get a reliable moving company and let them help you in packing and preparing the necessary travel documents. Again, be careful to hire a company that will give you quality services at an affordable rate.

Plan your activities; say to yourself, “today I will pack all clothes, tomorrow all utensils” and such. Later you will realize that you have done all the preparations and even you even have extra time to bid your friends, family and even neighbors a bye.

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