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How to Design the Perfect Modern Indian Home?

Whether you are in a city or in a small town, you will always find that modern Indian home interior designs exude vibrancy and elegance. These modern Indian home designs are inspired by the country’s rich heritage and contemporary designing styles. They feature many colours and intricate designs that make them aesthetically appealing. However, designing modern Indian homes is not for people who lack the required skills and expertise. If you want to design the perfect modern Indian home but lack the expertise, here are a few tips that will help you:

01 of 05 Set a budget before getting started

Before you start designing the home, you must set a budget. This will help you to stay within your financial limits. You must always keep this budget in mind while purchasing and remodelling. To set a proper budget, you have to plan out all the changes and modifications that are required. Once you know all your requirements and have a proper strategy, you can set a more accurate budget. However, you can choose to tweak it a little in some cases. But, you have to ensure that you do not overdo it.

02 of 05 A simple and open design is perfect

Modern Indian home interior designs feature simplicity and openness. These designs often make the room appear bigger than it is and more appealing. The trick behind creating an open and simple home design is to plan a good open home layout. Once you have the layout, you can rearrange the furniture pieces and the other items accordingly. If necessary, you can change a few elements in the room like the fabrics and upholstery to match the decor of the space, thereby making it look more elegant and sophisticated. The right home design can have a huge impact on your lifestyle.

03 of 05 Arrange the electrical appliances properly

In modern Indian home interior designs, you must not exclude essential electrical appliances. The use of various modern electrical appliances in the home is one of the primary signs of a modern Indian home. Moreover, these home appliances help to make the residents’ lives easier and more convenient in numerous ways. Hence, you must ensure that these appliances are a part of your modern house interior design. However, these appliances are often not stored properly in numerous homes. As a result, the home interior design appears cluttered and disorganised. All appliances used at homes should have a designated storage place to avoid clutter. Also, do not forget about the cables, plugs, and switches. They should be positioned and managed properly so that the room’s appeal is not affected.

04 of 05 Do not buy furniture pieces that are pointed and edgy

Experts always suggest avoiding furniture pieces that are pointed and edgy in a modern Indian home design. One of the reasons is that these furniture pieces are considered a safer option when toddlers are around because sharp corners can injure someone badly. Also, round edge furniture pieces blend in a modern house interior design better than pointed furniture. For instance, a round coffee table will look better on an oval rug in modern homes. However, you must ensure the furniture shape complements the shape of the other elements in the room before purchasing.

05 of 05 Should you prioritise comfort or design?

Should you prioritise comfort or design? This is always a dilemma for many people. Well, experts always recommend choosing comfort over design. This is because you do not want to stay in a beautiful home with your family that lacks comfort. Even though it may seem nice at the beginning, it will get problematic later. Hence, you should try to arrange the necessary items first so that the room not only appears more appealing but feels comfortable as well. Once you have all the essential items, you can either browse the internet to get some inspiration or consult a professional for some advice.

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