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How To Decorate A House With No Money

Decorating your home can be a very fun experience. With so many options, you can give your home interiors any design you want. However, budget is a crucial factor that you have to take into consideration while decorating your home interiors. Home renovation can get very expensive depending on the items and materials you choose. However, this does not mean people with a small budget cannot decorate their homes. There are many home decoration ideas you can chrome up with that cost very little to no money. You just have to be a little creative and put some effort while decorating the home interiors. If you are not sure about how to do home renovation with very little to no money, here are a few tips that you will find helpful:

01 of 04 Arrange your bookshelf properly

The bookshelf is one of the largest furniture pieces in your home design. Besides offering you a lot of storage space, it has a huge impact on the room’s aesthetic appeal as well. However, it is important that you arrange the bookshelf properly. If it appears too crowded or too empty, the space might appear awkward. Make sure you neatly organise all the books on the shelves. Besides the books, place a few small decor items on your bookshelf. This will help to add more visual interest to your room. Choose decor items of different shapes and sizes and layer them together. Place the small ones in front and the larger ones at the back. You can place a few on your books as well.

If you feel the book covers are adding too many unnecessary colours to the space, just flip the books and place the spine of the books against the back of the shelves. The white pages will help to create a neutral colour background and keep the decor items highlighted. Although it may seem like a tiring task, it takes very little effort. You can ask for someone’s help to finish the task faster.

02 of 04 Design the kitchen

When it comes to focusing on the design during home renovation, the kitchen often gets ignored. People mostly focus on the functionality of the kitchen and not the aesthetic beauty. If you want to make your home design appealing, you should pay attention to the interior design of your kitchen as well. This does not mean you will have to spend a fortune on designing the space. Even small and simple tricks can make your kitchen appear very appealing. Start with cleaning your crockery and arranging them on an open shelf. You can use everything for this purpose like your plates, cups, glasses, etc. Adding different shapes and sizes will help to add to the visual interest of the space. Also, you must pay attention to the colour of the items. You can either follow a one-colour theme or add multiple colours to the setup. If you do not have an open shelf, you can place everything on your countertops.

03 of 04 Decorate with indoor plants

Many decor items are expensive. If you have a very small budget, buying decor items can be a little difficult. Instead of buying man-made decor items, introduce plants to your home interiors. This home decor trend has become extremely popular in the last few years. People living in urban cities love adding indoor plants to the interior design because they help the residents to feel closer to nature. Also, indoor plants help to add more colours and texture to the interiors. Choose plants of different shapes and sizes for an appealing look. Make sure that the planters are well-designed as well because they will have a huge impact on the overall look. While the small ones can be used for filling awkward empty spaces on your tabletops or window sill, the tall ones can be placed in empty corners. Always choose low-maintenance plants if you do not have a lot of time to care for them. High-maintenance plants can cost you more money over time as well.

04 of 04 Place a tray

The seating arrangement in your living room requires a coffee table. Without it, the space will appear incomplete. After placing the coffee table, do not leave the tabletop completely empty. Awkward empty spaces reduce the appeal of the interiors. If you do not have any home decor item for the coffee table, just place a tray on it. A tray on your coffee table will make the space appear more organised. You can use it for placing items like writing materials, magazines, etc. If your guests arrive and you need additional space on the coffee table, you can just remove it.

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